10+ Latest hairstyles for short hair- Short hairstyles

10+ Latest hairstyles for short hair- Short hairstyles

Today we are going to share with you 10+ latest hairstyles for men with short hair. These short hairstyles for men are stunning and cool.

Some men like to have long hair and some like to have short. Click here to see hairstyles for men with long hair.

Short hairs are comparatively easy to handle as you just need to give them direction with your hands or comb. They don’t require such care as long hair does. With a beautiful quote related to hairstyles, we will move towards our collection.

“A decent hairstyle can make you look younger and messy hair can do the exact opposite”-Musa Butt

10+ Latest short hairstyles for men- Short Hair

With so much new trends in fashion, men hairstyles also change by time. Both short hairstyles and long hairstyles are complimentary and admired if they are taken care of properly.

Following are some stylish and graceful hairstyles for short hair. These short hairstyles for men will give you a classy look for sure.

Buzz cut

Buzz cut is simple to style and best for hot summers as you don’t have much hair left on your head. It is named buzz because the hairstyle can be done throughout using trimmer or machines and you will have to hear that Buzz sound. You can have equal hair length or can have slope as well with sides almost shaved and top trimmed. See both hairstyles below.

10+ Latest hairstyles for short hair- Short hairstyles

You can give it an even better look with same size of beard. See Buzz cut with beard hairstyle.


Fade Haircuts

This haircut is often liked by many young men who are under 30, as the length of the hair on every side of head is quite different from each other. Back, sides, top and front have different sizes. Sides are trimmed or shaved on the sides and top-back is cut short as compared to the front to keep them up from the trimmed or shaved sides. As we move from front to back, hair length gets shorter and shorter. Have a look at these modish hairstyle


Undercut hairstyles

This type of hairstyle is the most demanding now a days as it makes you look aesthetic. Sides are trimmed or shaved but the top hairs are of almost same length till the end. Unlike fade haircuts for short hair, undercut hairstyles don’t have faded lengths as we move back of the head.


Crew cut

It is mostly compared with the buzz cut as the lengths and style are almost same. Buzz cut don’t allow to style your hair as length is too short. Crew cut allows you to style your hair a little and you look classy. Sides are same as buzz cut. You can style top in several ways like messy front only, messy on top, side-ways hair or spike up the top. Another way is to give them a rough look. With little beard, your looks can get polished.

10+ Latest hairstyles for short hair- Short hairstyles

Fringe Hairstyle- Men short hairstyles

Fringe hairstyle makes you look hot and cool at the same time. Not easy to maintain or stylize and required serious care and maintenance. Sides and back are trimmed neat whereas top depends on you. Style them in formal messy way, can be curly or wavy as well. A short or long fringe can them enhance your look. Do it using hairstyling wax or pomade and try different fringes to find out which suits your face best. Try beard for more refined look.


Fringe styles doesn’t restrict you to have trimmed sides. It is your choice however it looks little bit modish with short sides.

10+ Latest hairstyles for short hair- Short hairstyles

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