10 Signs you are Wasting Your Time

10 Signs you are Wasting Your Time

Do you think you are a time waster or people that circles around you, let’s find as today we are going to see 10 signs that indicates you are wasting your time.

Time wasting is like a virus, if one of your colleague gets affected by this virus, it start spreading all over the workplace. What are the signs of time wasters and do they really exist around you in real world.

Let us first tell you that there is a direct connection between a time waster and a person who is living a life full of failures. Yes, time wasters do exist around you and they are countless. We have revealed 10 signs of time wasting persons so you can identify easily. And guess what, if you found someone like that, just avoid him as much as you can because as we said that it’s like a virus.

Time wasters doesn’t mean that they have this single negative aspect that leads them to failure. Actually, the 10 signs that we will be sharing today are themselves aspects of failure, every single of them. So, without any further wait, let’s get our core discussion started.

10 Time Wasters You Must Avoid

Time wasters not only waste time. They are losers, negative thinkers and hopeless persons. Their mindset is of failure and accepts failure even before they start doing something. They have 100 reasons to waste their time and do nothing. They have 100 excuses of their unsuccessful life but they won’t accept their mistake by saying that there is nothing they can do. It’s our fate, they say. Whereas, the fact is exactly opposite and everything is in your hand. There are thousands of examples of successful entrepreneurs who were born in poverty and became a respectful and honorable personality.

1. Waiting for Inspiration

10 Signs you are Wasting Your Time

The first sign of a time wasters is that they seek for inspiration. They are always looking forward to some kind of inspiration that an angel will come and fulfill all their desires. They will not do anything by themselves and you will always find them saying that “I will do it when” and this when or why never satisfy them. Therefore, if you find someone who is waiting and waiting for a golden chance, believe us, that chance won’t come until it is created.

2. What people will say

Now that is something which needs everyone’s attention. We see lots of people around us who live for others. It doesn’t mean they work hard for others living but they give priority to what others will say if I do this. Well, it is the hardest of all these points to get rid of it. Today, in this modern era, we wake up and till we sleep, every single act we do, every single work of ours and every single move we make, we first think what others will say instead of doing what’s best of us. Let us tell you one clear fact, people aren’t going to satisfy or happy. They will criticize whatsoever and you will find very few who motivates or back you. But all these phrases are meaningless for time wasters and losers. They focus on what others will say if I don’t be a doctor, if I don’t go to XYZ University, if I wear these clothes in party. Therefore, you stay away from them as they will fail and they fail because they want to be successfully make people happy. Guess what! You do so much for people and they still criticize you.

3. Perfectionism

10 Signs you are Wasting Your Time

We all should know that perfection is what very few people can get just like satisfaction. Time wasters waste their time just because they always think that this path won’t lead me to perfection so I am not going to opt it. How can anyone achieve or reach the level of perfection without doing anything. For perfection, you first need to at least start, but time wasters will not because they need perfection even before start.

“You wait for perfection, you got nothing. You work for perfection, everything is yours.” – Musa Butt

4. The fear of failure

The fear of failure leads time wasters to only waste time and do nothing. It is also one of those escapes that time waster’s uses in order to waste their time. No doubt, one should do research before picking up your choice and not blindly chose when failure possibilities are higher. But if you think that you can find ways with every possibility leading towards success, it’s not realistic. Failure doesn’t mean life is over but time wasters take it as final experience.

5. Lack of priorities

Time wasters don’t prioritize their daily goals and sometimes they don’t even have goals. You pick up any of the successful entrepreneur or businessman life, you will notice one thing in his/her life. They prioritize their tasks. They won’t eat, sleep, watch movie and do parties until their work is done. A time waster will focus on doing parties and fun and then work and that’s not really going to work.

6. Repeating mistakes

Mistakes are the key to your successful life. You make a mistake, you don’t open that door or go on that path again. Doing this repeatedly finally takes you to your ultimate destiny and you achieve your life goals. A time waster make mistake every day, every week, every month and every year and instead of learning from it, he/she repeats the same mistake. If you are not learning from your mistakes, you are wasting time.

7. Complaining

10 Signs you are Wasting Your Time

Time wasters have huge list of complaints but never look on what he is doing. They have hundreds of excuses and their life ends making and explaining those excuses. Exceptions are there but you will see such persons around you that always complaints. This is because they don’t want to accept their failure or mistakes mentally. They will find shortcuts and false explanations.

8. Trying to please everybody

Quite similar to second point what people will say. Time wasters live their life to make others happy. No matter, it is affecting them and their goals or not. The sad part is that people never get pleased or satisfied. There are few persons in everyone’s life, like a best friend, sibling, husband/wife, parents; pleasing them is not wrong and the good thing is they are always happy from your side.

9. Comparing them with others

Time wasters actually don’t have time. You are going to kill us for that but it’s true. They waste time and they still don’t have time. They always compare them with others trying to prove they are better. Believe us they deceive themselves by doing this comparison. Your hard work and your status is enough proof for everyone.

10. Not living their life

Time wasters live the life of others and not their own. Keeping others happy, what others will think, I am better than him and this and that.

Final Thoughts

These were the 10 signs of time wasters and you can judge yourself easily now whether you are wasting your time or not. We hope you like our content and hope you take it positively. Don’t waste your time, don’t work for others and don’t think about others. It’s your life so do whatever you want to do, whatever you think is best. Comment us below if you or any of your friend is a time waster and why. See our earning section for more interesting motivational topics and guidelines.

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