11 Health benefits of carrot everyone must know

11 Health benefits of carrot everyone must know

Have you ever wonder about the benefits of red juicy carrot? Well, we are going to reveal 11 health benefits of carrot today that everyone must know. The food we eat can either improve our health or it can harm our health and upset the digestive system. Carrot is one of those eatables that are extremely beneficial when it comes to health.

A red juicy carrot makes you feel refreshing, energetic and organic all at the same time. Not only it tastes like heaven but its incredible health benefits are icing on the cake. They are not just mouth-watering and sweet in taste but also rich in beta carotene, minerals and vitamins etc.

Let’s find out in detail about the 11 health benefits of eating the carrot.

11 unbelievable Health benefits of carrot you must know

Variety of carrots in the world but all have pretty similar benefits and here are 11 surprising benefits you must know.

1.     Better immune system

Antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C and other vital nutrients and minerals are present in carrot. Vitamin A and C are amazing boosters of the immune system. Vitamin A also assists in preventing your immune system from various infections. Consuming foods that are rich in carotenoids helps you improve your digestive health.

2.     Prevent cancer

Free radicals in our body are always risky as they can lead to various cancer but the red, yellow and orange pigments in the carrot reduce this risk. Several studies related to prostate cancer show that a diet that is rich in carotenoids lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Likewise, the Leukemia cells are killed by the nutrients present in the carrot. Moreover, research showed that smokers should intake a good quantity of carrot or carrot juice to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

3.     Super Vision

People of the olden days used to tell their generations that eating carrots will make them see in the dark. Though it is not possible really without a night vision goggles, they were still right as Vitamin A present in the carrot is an excellent way to prevent loss of vision. Xerophthalmia is an eye disease that occurs due to the deficiency of Vitamin A and this deficiency can be overcome by eating carrots. However, you must see a doctor first to know whether deficiency of Vitamin A is the cause of your eye weakening. If yes, then you just have to eat carrots or drink carrot juice and the rest of the work will be done by carrots.

4.     Healthy Skin

Carrot is one of the best known carotene-rich food and it proves beneficial for your skin as well. Eating carrots will make your skin glow and you will have better complexion as well. Beta carotene is the actual cause of orange/red color of the carrot and the same beta carotene is converted into Vitamin A. Eventually, this vitamin A makes your skin glow, wrinkle-free and nourishing but beware of carotenosis. Carotenosis is a condition experienced by your body when you over-consume foods rich in carotene. Your skin will look pale yellow or orange as a result.

5.     Stronger Bones

Along with Vitamin A and C, Vitamin K, calcium and phosphorus is also present in small amount in carrot. These three nutrients are essential for making bones strong and are known to help prevent from osteoporosis. Vitamin A is used for assisting the metabolism of bone cells.

6.     Strengthen hair

There are not solid shreds of evidence or research that proves it. But it is believed that as carrots contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, carotenoids, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, they must play a vital role in strengthening of hair.

7.     Strong teeth and gums

Doctors say that eating solid fruits and veggies in raw form like apple, pear and carrot naturally make your teeth strong. Moreover, carrots are known as a cavity-fighting vegetable and it works very similar to the toothbrush. Chewing raw carrot makes your teeth clean, strong and white and your breath is freshened. It helps fighting plague in your mouth and neutralizes the citric acid and the malic acid in your mouth.

8.      Nourish dry skin

Earlier we mentioned that carrots contains potassium and vitamin C. Both of these are essential when it comes to skin nourishing. If you are suffering from dry skin, eating 2 to 3 carrots daily will benefit you in terms of skin nourishing. As dry skin is sometimes due to the dehydration and carrot can help your skin hydrated. This is not all; your skin will prevent early age wrinkles and will make your skin healthy in all aspects.

9.      Protection from sun radiation

Beta-carotene as explained earlier, is converted into Vitamin A. This vitamin A is helpful in different ways including skin nourishing, skin glowing, hydration and protection from harmful radiations especially from the sun.

10. Healthy liver and elimination of toxins

Glutathione is a supermolecule that helps in detoxing the liver. This molecule is present in the carrot and therefore it assists in eliminating the toxins. Risk of liver disease is also decreased due to the presence of Vitamin A. The overall health and functioning of liver is enhanced by the carotene and high ratio of plant flavonoid inside the carrot.

11. Diabetes treatment

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease and carrot influences your immune system. This way it somehow prevents or slows the process of development of type 1 diabetes. Moreover, the risk of type 2 diabetes is reduced very much when you use carrots on a daily basis because they help in maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight after the age of 45 increases the risk of type 2 diabetes but carrots prevent you up to some extent.

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Summary of 11 health benefits of eating carrots

Carrots is one of those refreshing veggies that have tens of awesome benefits whether you eat it in raw form or cooked form. Out of hundreds of benefits of carrots, we have shared 11 top known benefits above. Stronger teeth and gums, healthy and glowing skin, protection from sun, deficiency of Vitamin A, healthy liver, diabetes treatment and prevention are some of the amazing health benefits of carrots.

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