12 Tips to maximize your Smartphone Battery life

12 Tips to maximize your Smartphone Battery life

Wouldn’t it be great if your smartphone’s battery lasts longer than you can imagine and therefore we have 12 awesome and tested tips to maximize smartphone battery life.

Before we get into this discussion of how to improve battery life of your smartphone, we want you to clear the difference between Battery Life and Battery health.

Difference between Battery Life and Battery Health

When you search on the internet about the battery life or battery health, you usually get the same answers. When I was searching on the internet about the difference between these two terms. Believe me I searched a lot and couldn’t find any single source that states any difference between these two.

But here is something what I understand from these two terms and I am pretty sure that my perception will be right.

Battery Life:

Battery life means the amount of battery left after which the smartphone will be automatically turned off. When the phone is fully charged and it takes 16 hours on normal use to consume all this battery. So we will say that battery life of that particular smartphone is 16 hours on normal use.

Battery Health:

Battery health is something that is not visible and only you can observe it. This battery health works perfect and remains the same for first 12-24 months depending on the usage and care. Continuing the same example we discussed in the previous paragraph. Let’s say that after 24 months, the amount of usage is same but now the smartphone battery lasts for 12 hours instead of 16 hours. It means that now the battery health is not like when the smartphone was bought.

12 Simple Tips to improve the battery life of your smartphone

12 Tips to maximize your Smartphone Battery life

The lifespan or battery health of an average smartphone is 24 months. But here is a kicker. This battery health can be maximize or minimize and it all depends on you. Below, we are going to discuss 12 simple tips that will help you to maximize your smartphone battery life as well as battery health. So, let’s have a closer look on them.

12. Location Tracking

Location tracking is a necessary feature of your smartphone but there are many applications that access your location without any need. This not only allow these apps to track your location but also consume battery gratuitously. All you need to do is to go to settings and restrict these apps from using location tracking.

11. Live or colorful wallpapers

I know you would definitely want to kill me after hearing this. A live wallpaper or a colorful bright wallpaper consumes more battery than you cannot believe. Try to have a single color and most effectively black color wallpaper. Yes, I can understand your feelings as I have been through the same phase many times that after spending so much and buying your favorite smartphone. Who wouldn’t love to have an amazing wallpaper?

10. Turn off automatic apps update

Do you know that applications that are automatically updated is a trade-off battery life. But don’t worry as you can simply go to settings and in some smartphones go to play store and turn off the automatic apps update so that both your battery health and battery life can be improved.

9. Power intensive app

You might have seen a notification that XYZ application is consuming so much battery in the background. It is always the best practice to turn off that application so that no more battery is consumed unnecessarily.

8. Lower screen brightness

The most obvious of all the 12 tips to maximize your smartphone battery life. Yet, we have to include it in the list. The more the brightness, the more energy will be required. The energy means more battery will be consumed and eventually battery will drain quickly.

7. Charge between 40-80%

Some says it’s just a myth and some says it’s not. Well, according to our research, the best practice to increase the battery health of your smartphone is to keep the charging between 40-80%.

6. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When your phone is not in your use and you know that you will not have to use it for an hour or so. The best thing is to keep the Wi-Fi off as well as the Bluetooth. The reason is that if your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi but you start moving away from the connection. The device will disconnect and will start searching for available Wi-Fi connection in the surrounding area.

5. Turn off screen notifications

Some people have enabled the screen notification that turns on the screen when it is in stand-by mode. It is better to turn off the screen notifications to avoid unnecessary battery drainage.

4. Avoid temperatures extreme

Temperature extreme is something that most of don’t care. The reason is because we have never heard of it from any one or haven’t seen such information online. Well, not only the smartphone but batteries of any other gadgets as well gets affected from extreme temperatures.

For example, if you sun is shining in the hot summers, never ever forget your smartphone inside your car. Same goes with the cold temperature.

3. Reduce Screen timeout

I personally believe that there is no need to have a screen timeout of more than 30 seconds. I know odds are there but generally we don’t need to set a screen timeout of 1 or 2 minutes. Imagine your screen timeout is 1 minute instead of 30 seconds.

You use your smartphone 200 times a day and out of which you only turn off the screen using power button 100 times. It means that overall 3000 seconds or 50 minutes difference is what we get. And we know that smartphones usually loses 10-15% on using this much smartphone.

2. Avoid phone usage while on charging

Trust me you will stop using your smartphone while it’s charging when you know the consequences. It is not only dangerous for your smartphone’s battery but also for you. Smartphone emits 10 times more radiations when on charging and also you might have seen some incidents of battery blasting due to unusual heat.

1. Enable Airplane mode

Enabling Airplane mode isn’t what you should only do during an air flight. There are some longer sessions in our daily life when we can switch to airplane mode like Examination Hall, an important meeting or during sleep etc. When airplane mode is turned on, many features of your smartphone are automatically disabled and battery consumption is reduced quite a lot.

This was all about the 12 best tips to maximize your smartphone battery life. We recommend you to see our blog post on Graphene battery. We hope you like our content and find it informative. Share it with your friends and your thoughts in the comment section as well. Keep visiting our Tech section for latest gadget news and updates.

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