17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Just like me or many other men, you might be confused too all the time about how many types of shoes are there and therefore we have researched a lot for you and gathered 17 types of shoes every man should know.

“Don’t be afraid of heights and long journeys when you wear perfect footwear.” – Musa Butt

Commonly known types of men footwear around the world are casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, dress shoes and work boots. Actually, there is no defined types of shoes but we have tried our best today to show you all the types including their sub-categories.

“A perfect pair of shoes means a journey without tiredness.” – Musa Butt

Footwear can enhance your look and double the elegance but if your clothes are perfect but shoes not good, your clothes looks ordinary. Not only the high quality shoes does matter but also it should match the style of your clothes. Let’s find out with shoes are perfect to wear according to occasion.

17 Types of shoes for different occasions

“What’s more comfortable than having a nice pair of shoes in your feet?” – Musa Butt

All the shoes in the world are divided in to three main categories and these categories have further sub-categories which covers all the shoes styles we see around us.

“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be”.

People often love to wear new and elegant shoes but they forget to focus on the main part which is whether they are wearing the shoes on the right occasion with right dress.

Three types of shoes

Dress shoes, often worn with dress pant or pant coat or any other formal dress. Second, casual shoes, worn with jeans, nicker and trouser of any color and style and as the name suggest they are perfect to wear with any casual dress. Boots are the third category of shoes and they kind of give a powerful look like they are made for those who have to do physical work (especially the work that includes feet) to give them light-weighted, perfectly gripped and comfort at the same time.

Let’s see the detail description of these shoes and what sub-categories are there.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are usually worn with formal dresses like dress pant and shirts etc. They are mostly made of leather to give you smart stylish look along with perfect comfort. The super shine and royal look of dress shoes multiplies your sophisticated look.

You look more gentlemen, polished and smart when wearing dress shoes. Some of the famous types or sub-categories of dress shoes are as follows. Click here to see our detailed article about Dress shoes and its sub-categories.

“Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter, but charm does” – Musa Butt

Monk17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Monk shoes have a unique strap or buckle design and comes without laces. There are three kinds of monk shoes; single monk, double monk and triple monk. They have single, double and triple strap or buckle respectively. Monk boots make you look more smart and stylish when dressed formally.

Loafers17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Loafers are somewhere in between casual and formal but obviously not as formal as dress boots. Loafers are often worn without socks but if you don’t like to wear shoes without socks then “no show socks” can be worn with loafers. They are mostly made without laces.


Just like Loafers, Moccasins also have the slip-on functionality. They consist of a soft sole and are made of soft comfortable leather material. According to some, loafers and moccasins are different name of same shoe.

Derby17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

When you are up for highly formal dressing, derby shoes can be an excellent choice as it gives you classy, smart and royal look. Derby can be best worn with suits or blazers.


Oxford shoes are considered as one of the most formal shoes. They can only be worn with dress pants and suits. Most common colors are black and brown. Black oxford shoes can be worn with any color of suit but if your shoes are brown, don’t ever wear them with black suit, all other colors go well with brown shoes but not black.

Brogue17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

When it comes to brogue, whether it is a shoe or a boot. Keep in mind that brogue is a design and not a shape or a style. This design or perforations can be on derby or oxford as well.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes as the name suggest are casual. They comes in different styles and colors. They are worn with a variety of clothes including jeans, trousers, pajamas and shorts etc. You look classic and charming if your choice of casual shoes is good. There are some categories of casual shoes we have discussed below. To find out more details about them and their further sub-categories click here.

“Being casual is a state of comfort in itself” – Musa Butt


Sneakers were basically designed for training and exercise and were used for this specific purpose initially. However, now it has been widely used as every day wear. They come in many different colors and styles. Other types of sneaker are trainers, slip-on sneakers etc. and you can find more about them here.

Sandals17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Sandals have great grip and are best for summer as there is lots of open space so that air can pass. You feel light, comfortable and fresh. Sandals are worn with trousers, pajamas and shorts. Sandals usually have straps in different styles. Leather sandals looks good with jeans as well.


Espadrilles are not much preferred because of high demand of sneakers but people who wear them are addicted to them. They look great when worn with chinos and skinny jeans if rolled up.

Boat17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Boat shoes are made of canvas or leather material. There uniqueness lies within the upper section which is stain proof and also water repellent. Lace-less and lace versions are available easily and both looks great.


Flip-flops can be your best choice when you are going to beach. Very light weight and comfortable with soft sole made of soft rubber.


Boots usually cover your feet as well as the ankle. Some boots are extended up to your calves while some extend even to your knee. They can be worn with jeans and on work which is on field like construction or mines. Boots give you strong grip and comfort at the same time. You don’t feel tired even after working whole day. Have you ever noticed footwear of army personnel? They are good example of boots. You can say that boots give you the grip of sneaker or trainers and gives you a formal look as well. Click here to see Boots in details.

“I’d like to die with my boots on.” – Daniel Berrigan

Chelsea Boots17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Chelsea boots are famous for their elastic on side panel and they are one of the oldest and still in business boots. Classy look they give you when you wear them with jeans or any formal outfit. They can be worn casually and on less formal occasions as well. Ankle-high boots and close fitting give you smart look.


Made with leather materials and gives a fine look. Perfect when worn with folded jeans. Brogue boots have laces up to the ankles.


Looks great when worn with casual dresses like Jeans and chinos. Chukka boots are plain and made up of suede or calfskin and leather materials can also be used as an alternative. They have open lacing construction. Their ankle-length make them distinguishable.

Wingtips17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Wingtips boot style is a kind of modification of oxford boots with brogue design. Brogue boots are given a little sharp look and rest is quite similar.


Hiking boots have three main qualities that you should focus when making your choice. It should be light-weight as you have to move more than you usually do. They should have good grip as you have to hike Rock Mountains and walk on uneven surface. Last but not the least, they should keep your feet dry.


Combat boots are very rarely worn by civilians. They are made for soldiers who wore these combat boots during combats or training. They can be used for hiking as well but the quality of hiking boot that keeps your feet dry might be unavailable in combat boots.

So, this was all about the 17 types of shoes every man should know. We hope that now you have a clear vision about types of shoes. If you like our content, please hare with your friends and comment below. Share your thoughts and knowledge with the world by commenting below. See our fashion or men section for detailed articles about each of these types Dress shoes, Boots and causal shoes. Also we have detailed articles on sub-categories of shoes like Sneaker and loafers etc.

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