4 Types of Brogue Shoes

4 Types of Brogue Shoes

Hello, brogue lovers, get ready to see the 4 types of brogue shoes which are wingtip, semi brogue, quarter brogue, long wing brogue in details. Previously, we have discussed 17 types of shoes and 6 types of dress shoes. We suggest you to have a go through on them as well for better understanding.

“Shoes can make an outfit, they are just like rims for a car” – Omari Hardwick

First, we will have a quick go through about what are brogue shoes and why they are actually called brogue shoes as their structure look quite similar to Oxford shoes. Brogue shoes are basically low-heeled as compared to Oxford and Derby. The perforations we see in Oxford shoes and Derby shoes for men are actually hybrid of both Brogue and Oxford or Brogue and Derby.

“Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair.” – Tracy Reese

When a design or modification becomes so famous, it itself earns a name. Brogue was actually a design. These perforations got so famous and comes in so many charming styles that now these are called Brogue shoes. They are made of leather material. Wingtip, Semi Brogue, Quarter brogue and Long wing brogue are the four main types of Brogue shoes.

4 types of Brogue Shoes for Men

Wingtips Brogue Shoes

4 Types of Brogue Shoes – Wingtip | Semi | Quarter | Long wing


Wingtips boots comes with a toe cap that is pointed and makes the sides of the boots look spread like Wings. Wingtip brogue style is a modification of oxford boots with brogue design. Oxford shoes are given a little sharp look by making the toe cap pointed and rest is quite similar. Perforations are usually on the toe area. High quality branded Wingtip Brogues that are made from pure leather can cost up to $800 USD.

Semi Brogue


Semi brogue is not different from Wingtip when it comes to the overall structure but the design is different. Those men, who have deep knowledge and interest in footwear will find it different from Wingtip. For those, who just want to wear nice pair of shoes with brogue design, semi and wingtip is the same. Semi Brogue shoes have perforations only on the seams of the toe cap, heel and the vamp.

Quarter Brogue

4 Types of Brogue Shoes – Wingtip | Semi | Quarter | Long wing

Again, just like the semi brogue, quarter brogue is also of the same shoe structure but comes with very less perforations. Unlike, semi brogues, there are no perforations in the center of toe caped. A cap toe with decorative perforations and serrations along the cap’s edge and nothing more. Sometimes, there are perforations on heels as well.

Long wing Brogue


Long wing brogues were so much in use in 1970s but as the time passed, their popularity decreases until today they are almost unavailable. They were known in United States as “English Brogues” and in United Kingdom as “US brogues”. Just like the wing tip brogue, they had wings too but these wings didn’t ended in the center of the shoes and go at the end of the shoes.


Brogue shoes are divided in to 4 main types not because of their structure or shape but due to their perforations pattern or designs. Wingtip, Semi Brogue, Quarter Brogue and Long wing Brogues are the 4 types. Long Wing Brogues are no longer manufactured or used much. We hope you like our content about types of brogues and if you have any question, you can freely ask below in the comment section. Also, you can share your experience with the world. Keep visiting for more interesting fashion related content. See our FASHION section.

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