5 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

5 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

In this short article, we are going to share with you 5 best places to visit in Argentina. For all football lovers who love watching football must be familiar with Argentina. As two of the great players of the century, Leonel Messi and Maradona were Argentinians. Well, that’s out of the context of our core topic. So, we will start straight away with a beautiful travel quote that what to do in Argentina.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

Argentina has many awesome places that attract tourists all over the world but today we will be sharing 5 best places to visit. It is located in South America and is known as a big south American nation.

Argentina Tours- 5 best places to visit

Following are the top 5 places according to our research and findings. That are considered to be the best to visit in Argentina when you are on Argentina tours.

1.    Buenos Aires- Argentina Tourism

When you will search on the internet for the best places in Argentina. This is the place you will find everywhere on every blog. Yes, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is a large city. The core things that are the reason for the attraction of tourism in Argentina includes presidential palace and grand opera house. This grand opera house is more than 100 years old now and was constructed in 1908.

5 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

How can we forget the scenic and panoramic 19th-century central square as its one of the reason for Argentina tours. Cementerio de la Recoleta is a popular cemetery that is located in Recoleta which is a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It has popular mausoleum and is rich in art. Also, La Boca is an area that is the center of attractions for many tourists in Argentina. It is due to the streets enriched with colorful wall paintings of artists.

2.    Bariloche- Argentina tours

Famous for two main reasons that are chocolate shops and Swiss architecture. Bariloche is another best place to visit in Argentina when you are on Argentina tours. Bariloche is also an amazing place due to the breath-taking landscapes and lovely nature. Its sight gives you a little feeling that you might be standing in some village of Switzerland.


3.    Ushuaia- Top destinations in Argentina

One of the 5 best places to visit in Argentina, Ushuaia is a place that you don’t want to miss while touring Argentina. The location of this resort town is a little isolated. This is now becoming the main reason for people touring Argentina. First, this town was just a remote one and now this is considered to be the beauty of it. Now Ushuaia is an important place for being a hub of Antarctic cruises and winter spots as well. The site you get from the snow-covered mountains is ravishing.


4.    Los Glaciares

Near the Chilean border in Argentina, there is an unbelievable place called the Los Glaciares National Park. As the name suggests, the national park is covered mostly with ice and has various reasons for tourist’s attraction. It is included in the UNESCO world heritage and is popular for its dramatic icefall from the front walls. Black-chested Buzzard eagles and many other birds have their home in the national park. Los Glaciares National Park is a unique place of its nature. Glaciar Perito Moreno and Monte Fitz Roy are the two famous activities that tourists find.

Los Glaciares

5.    Iguazu Falls

This site presents a scene that we rarely find anyone else. The chain of waterfalls is made from more than a hundred waterfalls that are extended at a distance of 3KM. Once you have seen the sight, you will not forget in your life. The scene presented by nature is ravishing. The beauty of this place cannot be neglected as it is like heaven on earth.

5 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

These were the best places to visit in Argentina and we hope you like our sharing. So, what are you waiting for, book an Argentina tour now.

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