5 Best Places to visit in Europe

5 Best Places to visit in Europe

If you are thinking for a Europe trip, stay tuned as we are going to share with you 5 best places to visit in Europe. We know that you love to travel and that is the reason you searched for 5 best places to visit in Europe. You will be amazed to see amazing places to visit in Europe. Europe trip is really a dream of every person. So, today we will guide you to an imaginary Europe trip.

Europe is one of the seven continents. Europe is located in the Northern Hemisphere. With almost 742 million population, Europe is the third most populated continent on the earth. So, no more boring discussion and we let’s start our Europe trip.

Europe Trip- 5 Best places to visit in Europe

Following are the 5 best places to visit in Europe. We are sure that you must be unfamiliar with at least one of these places in Europe. These places are not known by an ordinary person who don’t like to travel much. These places are located in Europe.

1.      Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao is well known as an industrial port city and located in Northern Spain. This port is surrounded by amazing greenery that is eye-catching. According to many online surveys, Bilbao is one of the top ten places to visit in Europe. This is a perfect place to visit in Europe because it attracts people of every age group. Surrounded by many beautiful towns like Balmaseda, Bilbao is one of the beautiful places in Europe for lovers. The culture is also one of the reasons to visit Bilbao. When you visit Bilbao while you are Europe trip, don’t forget to miss the Cafe Iruna with awesome décor. Also, don’t miss the Moroccan lamb which is prepared on an inside Bar B Que.

5 Best Places to visit in Europe

2.      Hvar Island, Croatia

This island is one of the famous islands of Europe popular for amazing summer resort. Dubovica and inland lavender fields are the best beaches of Croatia and are also located in this island. This place is amazing for honeymoon and for family tour too. This island is also one of the Europe’s top destinations. Lavender fields are worth a tour and gives you an ideal feel when you walk along its fields. We bet that if you are planning a Europe trip, Hvar Island is one of the best destinations in Europe as well as in the world.


3.      Riga, Latvia

Riga is the capital of Latvia and is famous for its wooden buildings. You will find uniqueness in the architecture of this place. The Medieval Old town is popular because it has lots of shops and food spots. This old town is pedestrian-only. This place is becoming so famous for the past few years and is now the part of top ten places in Europe. This sensational city also has the beauty of nature. There are forests and mixture of different cultures which enhance the attraction of this city.

4.      Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital city if Greece and is one of the famous cities that are known for historical places. It is known as the center of ancient Greece. Just like above mentioned top destinations of Europe, you should not miss this destination. At least once, you should visit Athens and see the ancient breath-taking looks. This city is also known as the cradle of European philosophy. The beauty of Athens is that it’s not only ancient but also has a modernity touch.


5.      Budapest, Hungary

You might have seen or heard about the Hollywood movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Well, Budapest is actually the capital of Hungary and is really an amazing place to visit in Europe. It’s a perfect spot for all age groups and friends, family, lovers or young lovers. This beautiful city attracts history lovers so much and have museums and awesome shopping places. You will find yourself lucky when you visit this place.

5 Best Places to visit in Europe

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