5 best places to visit in France

5 best places to visit in France

Are you ready for a France tour, well wait for a little and first read this complete article as we bring to you 5 best places in France while you are on France tour. Famously known monument of France Eiffel tower is located in its Capital, Paris. France is a country that has everything from nature to classical fashioned houses. Mediterranean beaches and fantastic unique museums enhance the scenic beauty of France a lot. Lots of people around the world love to do France tour in vacations. It has many places that are perfect for family, friends, and honeymoon etc. So without any more waiting, we will take you to our core topic that is 5 best places to visit in France.

France Tour- Best places in France that you don’t want to miss

1.    Eiffel Tower- Paris

As we all know and must be familiar with the popular Eiffel tower. Every person who is a little social must have seen this place at least once in pictures or movies or videos etc. Eiffel tower is one of the national monuments of France and is one of the world’s most known national monuments. Located in the capital city of France, Paris, Eiffel tower is around 278 meters high. It is a wrought-iron lattice tower and is an amazing place that both native, as well as foreign people, love to visit. It is considered a very nice spot for photography of humans and also of the Eiffel tower when its sunset or sunrise time. Eiffel tower was named after an engineer named Gustave Eiffel and was constructed in 1889. Many conflicts arose at that time but now it’s a global cultural icon.

5 best places to visit in France

2.    Rocamadour

In the South-central region of France, there lies a clifftop town that is stunning to visit. Rocamadour is a beautiful town that has a complex of religious buildings. Monkey forest, Grotte and the Parc Durandal are the top things that you don’t want to miss if you get a chance to visit this town.

5 best places to visit in France

3.    The Alsace Region

Alsace is also a French region that is best known for being historical. It Is known for the dual reflection of both German and French cultures. The reason behind this dual culture is that this region has switched the control many times over the past few centuries. Strasbourg, Colmar, and Mulhouse are the top context when it comes to the Alsace region and you must not miss them on your France tour.


4.    Mont Saint-Mitchel

Most Saint-Mitchel is also one of the 5 best places to visit in France when you are on France tour. It is an island in Normandy, France. The small island is spread at about 7 hectares of the area but gathers all the panoramic and beauty that it can. The distance of the island from the country is less than 1 kilometer. The place is visited by 3 million people every year. According to a verified source, the population of this island was only 50 in 2015.


5.    Verdon Gorge

Another best place to visit in France out of 5. Verdon Gorge is a river canyon and is considered to be Europe’s most sensational and scenic. The crystal clear water between high cliffs presents an amazing view. Verdon Gorge has water that is deep. However, the distance between the two cliffs is narrow. People who go for a day trip there can hike as well as do boating.


So, we hope you like our collection and if you are thinking of traveling France on vacations. You should not think the second time.

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