5 Best Places to Visit in Greece

5 Best Places to Visit in Greece

Today, we are going to share with you 5 best places to visit in Greece. Best known for its white sandy beaches and awesome landscapes Greece is one of the countries that every traveler wants to go. It is also a historical country with many famous monuments and scattered islands that are all worth watching.

The main reasons why Greece is one of Europe’s top travel destinations is because it satisfies its travelers. Today we are going to share with you 5 best places to visit in Greece. if you are planning for a trip to Greece don’t wait anymore because there are so many places that are amazing and everyone wants to visit there once.

Beautiful Sea views, amazing and Sunny white sand beaches, and sensational landscapes. All of them are just amazing to visit once and you will agree that it was worth visiting.

Greece holidays- 5 Best places to visit

1. Athens

Athens is one of the five best destinations in Greece. it is an old city and its existence is for almost 3000 years. You may have also listened about the term “cradle of Western civilization”. The famous heroines like ancient Agora and Acropolis are among the top destinations in Greece and Athens too. Another reason for the popularity of Athens is that it is the capital city of Greece and also the largest city in the country. Therefore, if you visit Greece are planning to visit Greece don’t forget to spend a day in Athens.

5 Best Places to Visit in Greece

2. Zakynthos

If you visited Greece but missed to visit Zakynthos, you missed everything. It is one of the most breath-taking and iconic spots in the whole Mediterranean. Macintosh is famous for its unique white Sandy beaches. Also, massive chalk white cliffs are the main reasons for tourists to visit Greece. The view you get from above the cliff is just amazing. The water you see is crystal clear. This Greek island is well known because of Summer resort and is located in the Ionian Sea.


3. Zagori

As we mentioned in the start, Greece shows different colors of nature at the same time. This place is loved by the visitors in both summers as well as winters. It is a mountainous area with hundreds of kilometers of well mark paths. These parts include dense forests and stone bridges. Zagori lies in the region of Epirus and is in North-Western Greece. Throughout the paths, there are several stunning views in places for visitors to take cool pictures. Zagori claims that spending Winter holidays here are the best you can spend in the world.


4. Hania

Visitors are attracted to this place due to two main reasons. One is the lighthouse and the second is the Yiali Tzami which is an Ottoman mosque. This place is a mixture of both landscapes and beautiful looking beaches. Lakes are famous for their fresh water. Have you ever heard about Cretan cuisine? If no, you should visit because of its one of the cool traditions. Balos and Elafonisi are the two beaches that are popular for swimming. It is one of the best places to visit in Greece.



5. Meteora

We have put this special and different place in the last because of its unique beauty. This attractive place is one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites. Another unbelievable thing is that UNESCO gave this place two heritage status. One because of the nature and other due to the artistic touch it has. Meteora was built in around 14th century and it represents an eye-catching view. It describes that man has an artistic vision for a very long time. This rock formation is located in Central Greece and is one of the 5 best places to visit in Greece.

5 Best Places to Visit in Greece

So, if you are planning a tour to spend your holidays in Greece. Get ready and choose a tour package that is best suited for your requirements.

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