5 Best Places to Visit in USA

5 Best Places to Visit in USA

5 best places to visit in the most known country in the world. USA or United States of America is a European country and is one of the most developed countries in the world. With a total of 50 states and all of them sharing different attributes like history, architecture, skyscrapers, and museums etc. New York City is the capital of the United States of America. The USA is also famous due to Hollywood which is a hub for the making of almost all Hollywood movies. Before we get into the list of 5 best places to visit in the USA, we want to share an awesome travel quote for you to set your mood for the USA tour.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” (Ibn-e-Batuta)

Best places to visit in the USA- Top destinations

1.    New York city- Top destinations in the USA

New York City is the capital of the United States of America and is known for its high buildings. It is the city of lights and it really doesn’t darken in the night. The streets are bright and shining always making it easier to find the path of pleasure. The most famed Statue of Liberty is also located in New York City. The city is famous all over the world because of the skyscrapers site and especially the Empire state building. Buildings are so high and very much in numbers and that’s the main reason for its fame.


If you get a chance to visit New York then we suggest you not to miss the Theatre District and Central Park. As they are also a reason for the attraction of tourists. Theatre District is popular due to the Pedestrian plazas of Times Square. You will see costumed characters here and there. Big billboards that are digital make this city look stunning. The weather is mild here and the total population of the city is more than 8 million. All these things make New York city a must visit one.

2.    Los Angeles- US top destinations

Los Angeles is known as the center of the film making industry known as Hollywood. It is a city located in California state and is the second most famous city of United States of America. You may not know it by this name “Los Angeles” because it is famous for its Letter initials L.A. The population of the city has crossed 4 million. It is known as the center of California for commercial and finance. L.A is like a large basin as one side of it has high mountains and on the other side, it is bounded with the great Pacific Ocean. The city is also in the list of cities that are called Global cities and is ranked number 6. Also talking about the Global Economic Power, the city is ranked 9th in the index.


There are few things to do when you are on a tour of Los Angeles. These things, you should not miss them. The iconic Hollywood Sign with big letters on top of the hill. A big amusement park that is completely on movie theme known as the Universal Studios Hollywood. Hollywood walk of fame is an amazing place to visit as it reminds us of all the great heroes of Hollywood who made this success possible. At last, the well-known Disneyland park needs no introduction.

3.    Las Vegas- best places to visit in the US

Las Vegas is another popular city of US and is mostly known for strip and night clubs and huge Casinos. Not the most populated city of the United States but the most populated city of Nevada State.


Bellagio Hotel and Casino is the most luxury resort with pool and dining. Gambling is very common in Las Vegas because of the Casinos opened at close distances. MGM Grand is a huge casino resort with clubs that are trendy. Las Vegas Strip is also very famous when it comes to things to do in Las Vegas. At last, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is a national landscape. A 13 miles one-way loop road is available so that people can access to several features through different vehicles.

4.    Honolulu- top destinations in the USA

Honolulu is a city of Hawaii. Hawaii is also one of the 50 American states. Honolulu is one of the 5 best places to visit in the United States of the US. It is a beautiful island with some eye-catching scenes. It’s a place where vacations spent is remembered for the whole life. It is famous due to its crescent beaches that are backed with palms. Honolulu means “Sheltered harbor” and the city looks even beautiful with high buildings. The city is ranked as the second safest city in the whole United States. Diamond Bay, Hanauma Bay, and Pearl Harbor are the top things that you must not miss while you are on a Honolulu tour.Honolulu

5.    Miami Beach- Famous beaches of the world

Miami is one of the famous beaches in the world and is located in the state of Florida. It is basically an island city located in the south of Florida. Miami island has a south beach, which is a hub for international visitors including models and celebrities from all over the world. There are few things that you should not miss if you are traveling Miami beach for vacations. South Beach, Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road Mall are the top centers of attraction for people. All these and some other things too make this place one of the 5 best in the United States to visit.


There are many more places in the United States that you should not miss and we will cover all of them in another post as the United States is so big. There are many nature-related places like landscapes and beautiful cliffs etc. that enhance the beauty of the United States and are the core reason for tourist’s attraction. Hope you like our today’s sharing and believe us its just tip of the iceberg.

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