5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40

For those of you looking to lose weight after 40 should get ready as we are here with the 5 best ways. Going back a decade or two, fitness courses didn’t have branches and if someone wanted to lose weight there were few general tips that mostly follow.

As technology advances, science has now proved to us that not all human bodies can lose weight following one general plan. The behavior of the human body varies and therefore how can it be possible that there can be one way to lose weight.

Studies have shown that losing weight for a 20 years old person is quite simple than the 40 years old one. Losing weight becomes more and more difficult as you grow old. 40 years is now considered as the beginning of you getting old. Your bones start getting weaker and weaker and your muscles’ strength also starts to decline.

Therefore, it is not recommended to do as much physical training as you did when you were young. The following are the 5 best ways to lose weight after 40 years and we hope they will help you out a lot.

5 Best Tips to Lose Weight after 40 years

Some of the best ways to lose weight when you are 40 years old or above are as follows.

Eat Healthy Breakfast


Mostly people before or after 40 years of age when think of losing weight starts to eat less. It’s very good too and effective to reduce the amount of food you eat but the biggest mistake people make is they start from breakfast as it comes first. According to many pieces of research, you must eat a healthy breakfast and in a good amount as your body wants fuel to work the whole day. It prevents you from those untimely pangs of hunger which tempts you to eat something unhealthy or something which is high in calories.

Don’t Drink Alcohol5-Best-Ways-to-Lose-Weight-After-40


Alcohol and weight loss work in the opposite direction. As you are in your 40s you start to drink more alcohol if you are already an alcoholic. Well, let us tell you that on average, one glass of alcohol contains 150 calories. Those who take more than one glass forget their dream of losing weight. Alcohol not only contains a huge amount of calories but also makes you more hungry and you eat untimely which means your daily calories exceed quite easily from the daily goal you have set.

Exercise Daily


Exercise is one of the essential parts of losing weight after 40. When you are in your 40s, your schedule is toughest and you are so busy at work for making your family happy. Especially if you are doing a desk job, you really need to manage time to exercise out of this hectic routine. Doing weight training in the gym is not compulsory but doing 30 minutes cardio three to four times in a week can be really effective.

Get Stronger Muscles

This is one of the 5 best ways to lose weight after 40 but it is better to make your muscles stronger at a younger age. After 40, if you think you have the time, stamina and strength to build muscles. You must go for it as your metabolism will be increased and maintained. Moreover, muscles lose fat when at rest. So, if you are young and luckily you have read this. We suggest you make muscles so that when you cross 40 years mark, you only need to work out a little to maintain these muscles and they will burn fat at rest. Consequently, you will not gain weight like other 40 years old gain.

As we grow old and reach the age of 40, our metabolism slows down and that’s why we start to gain weight very slowly that we didn’t notice it in the beginning but then one morning we freak out that it’s getting out of hands now. That’s why we are advising you to focus on building muscles.

Common Tips to reduce weight after 40

Here are some tips for you to lose weight after 40. When your age is above 40 then your goal should not only reduce weight and then forget everything neither it is recommended. You should continue a healthy diet and a few minutes of daily exercise.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables regularly, if not with every meal, at least eat once a day
  • Don’t eat anything heavy 1 hour before going to sleep. Moreover, it is recommended to eat as less as you can at night because your digestive system slows down at night.
  • Lessen your sugar intake and don’t eat food with high calories or fat. In simple words, cook healthy and eat healthily.
  • Avoid drinking fizzy drinks as they contain a huge amount of sugar per glass.
  • Do a little cardio daily. A few minutes’ walk or jog can be effective.
  • Calculate your daily calories through any calories calculator and ask your trainer how much calories do you really need daily
  • Pay attention to your meals and the food you eat just like you do other routine work with full focus. We often eat some snacks or grab some quick food that really doesn’t reduce our hunger but our calorie count is disturbed. Therefore, when you are eating, try to pay attention to your plate more than any TV serial you are watching.
  • 8 hours of sleep is considered good and is required by every human being. But for adults or 40 years old persons, 7 hours works fine as well. What really happens is that when you reach the age of 40, you are stuck in a horrible routine and stress mostly as well. Consequently, you sleep less than 7 hours and that too not in peace.
  • Join a group or community of people that are in the same situation as you and trying to lose weight. This can help you in two different ways like sometimes when you are feeling tired and have no self-push your partner(s) will be there to convince or push. But keep in mind that your partner must be motivated and dedicated. Second, when you join a group or community, there is a secret competition and everyone wants to become fitter than all others.

OMAD diet:

OMAD diet or one meal a day diet is another best way to lose weight and we suggest you read it because an OMAD diet allows you to eat whatever you want and as much as you want. Click here to see more details about the OMAD diet.

Final Thoughts on Losing Weight Post 40s

As you grow old it becomes difficult and difficult to lose weight because your metabolism slows down and you are stuck in a hectic routine. You can hardly sleep well and manage time to exercise. Following the above 5 ways can best help you to lose weight after 40.

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