Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

We have shared 17 types of shoes in the world with you and today we will go deep in discussing 5 types of casual shoes for men. Casual shoes are most worn shoes around the world especially the sneakers.

“Being casual is a state of comfort in itself” – Musa Butt

Casual shoes as the name suggest are casual. They comes in different styles and colors. They are worn with a variety of clothes including jeans, trousers, pajamas and shorts etc. You look classic and charming if your choice of casual shoes is good.

“What’s more comfortable than having a nice pair of shoes in your feet?” – Musa Butt

Casual shoes can be freely worn in every day routine like going to school, college or going out with friends. They can’t be worn at any formal occasion or with any formal dress. Causal shoes are considered as the best daily footwear both for men and women.

“Shoes are the finishing touch and we all know the importance of it” – Musa Butt

There are 5 categories of casual shoes we have discussed below in details.

5 Types of Casual Shoes for Men


Sneakers were basically designed for training and exercise and were used for this specific purpose initially. However, now it has been widely used as every day wear. Why Sneakers are called sneakers? That’s very interesting because back in 1910-1920, when sneakers weren’t named “sneakers”, everywhere you saw shoes with hard soles that make noise. These rubber sole shoes when worn doesn’t make noise and any one can easily “sneak up”.

This was why in 1917 they were called “sneakers” for the first time. Sneakers are widely used during trainers and Nike, Adidas, Puma are known for making the best Sneaker Trainers. Normally Sneakers cost around $20-200 USD depending on the type of it as we have shared in 17 types of shoes that Sneakers are further divided into few types. Click here to know everything about Sneakers and all the types in detail to have better understanding.




Trainers are used for training and fall in sneakers category because of the rubber sole. Click to find out more about Trainers.


Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Slip-ons as their name suggests can be easily worn without any laces or buckle. Just slip your foot in and you are good. Click here to find out more details about Slip-ons.

Athletic Kicks

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Athletic kicks can give you the sporty feeling and casual footwear style at the same time. Click here to find out more about Athletic kicks Sneakers.

Plimsoll Sneakers

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Plimsoll sneakers are one of the most famous and versatile type of sneakers. They are most widely used and can be worn with many casual dresses. Find out more about Plimsoll sneakers here.

Classic Canvas Converse Sneakers


Classic canvas sneakers are little different in style as compared to the regular sneakers that are below ankle. They are ankle-high sneakers and comes with same comfortable rubber sole. Click here to find out more about Classic canvas converse sneakers.

High Top Basketball Sneakers

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

High-ankle sneakers just like Classic canvas sneakers but comes with a flat sole and are worn by Basketball players.

Authentic Sneakers

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Authentic sneakers are actually the production of Van. Van is a brand that manufactures and sell footwear and accessories around the world and their items are called authentic and therefore their sneakers are called Authentic Sneakers.

Textile Blend Sneakers

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

As you know that it’s the era of experiments and combining two or more for making unique products. Textile blend sneakers means they are made of not only single material but with a blend like Plastic and leather or leather and any other textile. Find out more here about Textile blend sneakers.

Leather Sneakers

Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Best for street sports and works well as business casuals. They are comparatively formal then other sneakers out there. Find out more about Leather Sneakers here.



Sandals have great grip and are best for summer as there is lots of open space so that air can pass. You feel light, comfortable and fresh. Sandals are worn with trousers, pajamas and shorts. Sandals usually have straps in different styles. Leather sandal looks good with jeans as well. They are made of many materials and comes in several different designs.

Sandals open a new gate for footwear designers as there is huge space for creating even more designs. They can have buckle or tassels or whatever you want to add. Sandal gives you room to keep changing style. Sandals are economical and you can buy them at a starting price of $15 USD.


Casual Shoes for Men – 5 Types

Espadrilles are not much preferred because of high demand of sneakers but people who wear them are addicted to them. They look great when worn with chinos and skinny jeans if rolled up. Men wear espadrilles because they are easy and quick to wear. Moreover, they can be worn with latest jeans styles which is slim or skinny. Soludos Original Dali Espadrilles are considered to be the best manufacturers of espadrilles and they cost around $35-50 USD on average.

Flip flops


Flip-flops can be your best choice when you are going to beach. Very light weight and comfortable with soft sole made of soft rubber. They come in so many different cool colors. The sole of a regular flip flop is around 1.27 centimeters. Flip Flops holds a unique feature that is the enlargement of their size. Unlike other shoes, which expand a little when you start wearing them on regular basis. Flip flops of let’s say size 8 if worn on regular basis can be easily worn by a male of foot size 9. Crocs crocband are known for producing the best flip flops in the world and their price range is $15-60 USD.

Boat Shoes


Boat shoes are made of canvas or leather material. Their uniqueness lies within the upper section which is stain proof and also water repellent. Lace-less and lace versions are available easily and both looks great. American Paul A was the first who invented boat shoes in 1935 for a specific reason that shoes don’t slip on ice when he is running with his dog. It is highly not recommended that you wear a boat shoes with long socks. You must try to wear no show socks but if they are not available you can wear normal length socks. Boat shoes work fine as a business casual. Crocs and Sperry Top-Spider are famous for making world class Boat shoes. The starting price of boat shoes is $20 USD which is affordable.


This was all about the 5 types of casual shoes for men and we hope you like our content. Comment us below about your thoughts on it and which shoes you often wear. Also, we might have miss few sub-categories but this was the result of our extensive research. Keep visiting for more interesting content and visit our FASHION section for more trendy posts.

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