6 Smartphone Tricks that can Blow your Mind

6 Smartphone Tricks that can Blow your Mind

Today, we will be sharing 6 smartphone tricks with you that will blow your mind away. These phone life hacks are part of every android smartphone and most of us are unaware of them.

These android tricks can help you a lot in every day work and save you from using different measuring instruments.

Smartphones, we all know have made our lives easier and android and iOS right now are considered as the top operating systems. Android has made our life easier in many ways especially due to its high user-friendliness. Still we don’t know about some of the amazing android tricks and features that can make your daily routine works much easier.

Let’s find out what these 6 amazing smartphone tricks are.

6 Android and iOS Tricks that can blow your mind

Thinking of a life without smartphone is so terrifying because it has made our life easier a lot. Without smartphone, life seems colorless and uninteresting. Smartphones themselves come with so many astonishing features but there are also many external android and iOS applications that provide stunning features to ease your life.

Following are 6 phone life hacks and tricks that comes with android smartphone and can blow your mind away. These android smartphone tricks are unbelievably real and let’s find out why.

Remote Control Battery Test

6 Smartphone Tricks that can Blow your Mind

We all know what happens when we are about to watch our favorite show, movie, season etc. on television and remote control stop working. It sounds unrealistic but you can test the battery health of your remote control.

You can’t really see how much battery is left but when you find that remote is not working due to the cells, before rushing towards market to buy cells, use your smartphone to know if it’s really due to cell. This can be done by opening the camera of your smartphone and press any button of the remote by directing it towards the camera. If you see a red blinking LED, the cells are working, if not, you can go and buy the cells.

Text from your Computer / Laptop


Sometimes you got into a situation when your phone is dead and you need to send text message or MMS to your friends or relatives. Well, don’t worry as Mighty Text is the solution to this. Might Text is an application built for this purpose and is available on both android and iOS platforms.

You have to first link your application installed on computer with the one you installed on your smartphone. You can open all the text messages just like you are using your phone. You can send text messages, mms and also store photos. 17 amazing colorful UI themes make this experience even better.

Your Phone is your Security Guard


Have you ever thought that you are alone on the road at midnight in an area where there is no one, and your phone can protect you? This sounds silly because how can a smartphone become a security guard.

Well, there is an application called B Safe which helps you a lot when you are walking alone. It comes with 4 key features; it sends an SOS message to your emergency contacts, it records video and audio, track your GPS and at last sends an alert message to your friends after the timer.

You can set the timer and if you don’t turn it off before the time ran out, the alarm will be sent to your family and friends. It’s one of the most useful application on smartphone as nothing is more worthy and important than your life.

Gesture Controlling

6 Smartphone Tricks that can Blow your Mind

Smartphone is making your life easier and easier and advancement didn’t stop after touch screen. Gesture control allows you to control your phone without even touching it. This is not as much common and useful as it looks but there are surely some situations when you desperately need to perform some certain functionality without touching the screen of your smartphone.

For example, your hands are not free or you are eating and suddenly you need to see something or you want to scroll. Wave control is an amazing application available for both android as well as iOS users.

You can use gestures when listening music, watching videos and answering the call. Different waves can be performed like single wave from left to right and vice versa, single wave from top to bottom and vice versa and double wave etc.

Safe driving

6 Smartphone Tricks that can Blow your Mind

When you are on a road in a dark night or there is fog on the front window or there is heavy rain and you can’t see the road properly. You can download the application Hudway Go available on both android and iOS platforms.

This application guides you all your way with proper directions. You just have to enter the destination and change your brightness to maximum and put your phone on the dashboard horizontally. Maximum brightness will make better projection on the front window and you won’t have to worry about rain, fog and darkness any more.

Measuring a Distance

6 Smartphone Tricks that can Blow your Mind

Apart from amazing built in features, different android applications can be effective. Many times you face a situation where you need to measure distance between two points or measure an object. You can’t find the measuring tape or you are somewhere far from home and have nothing to measure.

Well, don’t worry as if you are a smartphone user, you got hands on measuring tape. Just open google play or apple AppStore and download Size Up. Measuring is easier than measuring tape. Press Start and stat dragging your phone and then press stop at point B. The distance can be measured in various Units like cm, inches etc.

Final Thoughts on 6 smartphone Tricks that will blow your mind

We hope you like our sharing and let’s see what we conclude from this 6 smartphone tricks that will blow your mind topic. There are many situations in life when you need an instrument or some kind of physical abject to help you out in tough situations. But we have brought 6 amazing and helpful applications both for android as well as iOS users that will help you out without using any physical object. You can measure distance between two points, do text message when phone battery is empty, control music and video player with gestures, drive safely, check remote control battery and safely walk alone on the road.

Tell us in the comment section below which application you were already familiar with and which application you like the most. Share your experience related to these applications. Also, tell us if there are some other applications too that can help us out in daily routine. Also, give us any idea about an application that you think can help in some kind of routine work. Keep in mind that your idea can change the world. Keep visiting for more interesting content and see our tech section for latest tech inventions, discoveries, research and trends.

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