6 Foods used for Boosting Testosterone Naturally

6 Foods used for Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone plays an important role in men’s body and therefore today we are going to share 6 foods that are used for boosting testosterone naturally.

Before we start, we are assuming that you have good understanding of what testosterone really is. In short, testosterone is like a limitless drug. It makes you look and act more manly. Makes you focus and concentrate more. Helps you build muscles, burn more fat and make you look more attractive. Eventually, your mood will be better than ever and best of all you will have harder erections than ever.

There are few signs of low testosterone that you should skim to know if you are facing low testosterone levels or not.

Below we are discussing 6 foods that are used for naturally boosting testosterone. You will be surprised to know that there are also foods that can kill the testosterone inside men’s body and you will face a lower level of testosterone.

6 Foods to naturally increase your testosterone levels

6 Foods used for Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Before knowing about the 7 foods vital for increasing testosterone levels, we need you to understand the ratio of proteins, carbs and fats. Most people take it totally wrong and when you ask them about how to increase testosterone or build muscles, they will say that increase the protein intake. The fact is that when it comes to increase the level of testosterone, you should maximize your intake of the carbohydrates instead of the proteins.

It doesn’t really mean that you don’t need fats or proteins at all. They keep their own importance and plays their part in increasing the level of testosterone. 0.8-0.9 gram protein requires per pound whereas you need 20-40% fat as compared to the calories you are taking.

So, here the 7 foods essential to raise the level of testosterone in your body.



Eggs are so significant when it comes to increase the level of testosterone especially the yolks. Yolks are full of cholesterol and every cell in your body is made of it specially the testosterone, estrogen, DHEA etc. The interesting fact is that just like eating fats doesn’t increase the fat in your body and make you fat, if taken correctly. Eating cholesterol doesn’t increase the cholesterol level in your body.

Bone Broth


In modern world, bone broth is like an unknown eatable and mostly people doesn’t even heard of it in their entire life, especially the newest generation. Bone broth contains vital elements that can increase your testosterone levels naturally if you eat it daily. It can sharpen your brain, improve your joint movements a lot and of course raise your testosterone. Cow or chicken bones are commonly used to make bone broth and it is in liquid form.

Sea Salt


You must pay attention that I am talking about the sea salt and not the table salt we are using in our daily life. Believe us, that table salt is just garbage, it is useless, even dangerous for you, throw it away. But when it comes to sea salt, it is so essential and contains so many important minerals that you cannot just imagine. That’s why sea salt is considered to be the king of all the salts and you get a total of 84 known minerals. Yeah, 84 minerals, imagine how beneficial it would be to have this salt in your house.


6 Foods used for Boosting Testosterone Naturally
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For understanding how cabbage indirectly increases your testosterone, you need to understand how testosterone and estrogen are interlinked. Both estrogen and testosterone are important for men and women as well, but men needs more quantity of testosterone to look and act more manly. While women needs more estrogen to look and act more like women. When estrogen increases in your body, it automatically starts to decrease the level of testosterone, which is definitely not good if you are a man.

Cabbage increases your testosterone by decreasing the estrogen level therefore it’s like a gem for men.


6 Foods used for Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Don’t be happy as here we are not talking about snickers or any other milky chocolate because the sugar in it lowers the level of testosterone. We are talking about the dark chocolate at least 80%. It is high in magnesium and zinc and increases your testosterone level substantially.


6 Foods used for Boosting Testosterone Naturally

An experiment was done on the rats and it showed that rats that were given probiotics to eat had seven times more testosterone than the rats eating normal food. Guess we don’t need to explain any other.

Final Thoughts on raising the testosterone levels

Testosterone is vital for all men and eggs, bone broth, sea salt, cabbage, probiotics and chocolates are 6 foods used to naturally boost the testosterone. If estrogen increases, the level of testosterone decreases which is not good for men. Also, it is totally wrong what most people say that proteins are most important when it comes to testosterone. You need to maximize your carbs to raise the testosterone level.

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