6 Types of Boots for Men – Boot Shoes

6 Types of Boots for Men – Boot Shoes

So today, we will find out details about 6 types of boots for men and what these boot shoes actually are? Previously, we talked about the 17 types of shoes and then we discussed dress shoes, casual shoes and sneakers. Today, we are going to discuss about the third major category in detail that is boot shoes.

“I’d like to die with my boots on.” – Daniel Berrigan

Boots usually cover your feet as well as the ankle. Some boots are extended up to your calves while some extend even to your knee. They can be worn with jeans and on work which is on field like construction or mines. Boots give you strong grip and comfort at the same time. You don’t feel tired even after working whole day. The sole of boot shoes is easily distinguishable from the heel of the boot most of the time. Have you ever noticed footwear of army personnel? They are good example of boots. You can say that boots give you the grip of sneaker or trainers and gives you a formal look as well.

“Life is better in Boots.”

When you are up for a walk on an uneven track or you are on tour on hillside, boots can be a better choice for you because of their ankle-high characteristics. Some boots that are even long gives even more protection and grip on such uneven tracks. Moreover, you are safe from twists and sprains.

6 Types of Boot Shoes for men

Following are the 6 types of boots for men and we have discussed all these boot shoes in detail.

Chelsea Boots

6 Types of Boots for Men – Boot Shoes

Chelsea Boots became popular when they were worn in United Kingdom in 1950s and 1960s by everyone especially in the streets of Chelsea. The good thing is that Chelsea boots can be worn casually or formally because of their versatility. They don’t have laces or slip on characteristic.

Chelsea boots are famous for their elastic on side panel and they are one of the oldest and still in business boots. Classy look they give you when you wear them with jeans or any formal outfit. Ankle-high boots and close fitting give you smart look. For knowledge about the top Chelsea Boots brand in the world, see our next section.

Brogue Boots

6 Types of Boots for Men – Boot Shoes

Made with leather materials and gives a fine look. Perfect when worn with folded jeans. Brogue boots have laces up to the ankles. Ankle-high characteristics of brogue boots gives you better grip and perforations in different pattern make you look more elegant. These brogue boots were initially made for Scottish or Irish men for working purposes. The perforations or holes in the boots helped the water drain out that got inside the boots during working. See in the next section about best Brogue boots in the world.

Chukka Boots


Thin leather sole Chukka boots are fine and can be worn formally but should not be given priority on business occasions. Looks great when worn with casual dresses like Jeans and chinos. Chukka boots are plain and made up of suede or calfskin and leather materials can also be used as an alternative. They have open lacing construction. Their ankle-length make them distinguishable. See our next section below to know about the best Chukka boots in the world.


17 Types of Shoes Every Man should know

Wingtips boots comes with a toe cap that is pointed and makes the sides of the boots look spread like Wings. Wingtips boot style is a kind of modification of oxford boots with brogue design. Brogue boots are given a little sharp look and rest is quite similar. Perforations are usually on the toe area. In the next section, we have shared the world best wingtips boot makers.

Hiking Boots

6 Types of Boots for Men – Boot Shoes

Hiking boots have three main qualities that you should focus when making your choice. It should be light-weight as you have to move more than you usually do. They should have good grip as you have to hike Rock Mountains and walk on uneven surface. Last but not the least, they should keep your feet dry. Good pair of hiking boots must be your companion on an adventure trip.

They are best for rough weather like thunderstorm etc. Their grip remain solid and they never deceive or disappoint you. Don’t forget the main difference between a walking shoe and a boot shoe; that is the sole of a boot shoe is thinner as compared to the walking shoe. Jump to next section to see the top brand known for making hiking boots.

Combat Boots

6 Types of Boots for Men – Boot Shoes

Combat boots are very rarely worn by civilians. They are made for soldiers who wore these combat boots during combats or training. They can be used for hiking as well but the quality of hiking boot that keeps your feet dry might be unavailable in combat boots. Therefore, it is upon you whether you like to wear combat boots as hiking or not. They can be a good alternative of hiking boots when you are up for mid-range hiking. See our next section to see which combat boots are best in the world.

Best Boot Brands known

We all know that being master of none and jack of all is surely an achievement but when it comes to big successful brands like Nike, Adidas, Le Coste, Crocs etc. They focus on doing both together. They are Masters of their signature products and also they produce super fine quality and that’s why jack of all.

  1. Red Wing is a Footwear brand and is known for making best Worker boots.
  2. Best Chelsea boots in the world are produced by R.M Williams.
  3. Fracap produce special Hiking boots in the world
  4. Tricker’s are considered as the top-notch brogue boot seller.
  5. Desert boots is a signature product of Clark.
  6. Under Armour is a footwear company considered as the best combat boots makers
  7. Martens and Bruno Marc are among the best manufacturers of Chukka boots.

Final thoughts on 6 Types of Men Boots

We are lucky to have you here today and we have hope you like our today’s content about 6 types of boot shoes for men. Here are the 6 main types of Boots that we have discussed above; Chelsea Boots, Brogue Boots, Chukka Boots, Wingtips, Hiking and Combat boots. There are surely more names you will find on internet but these are the 6 main types of boot shoes. Desert boots, Wellington boots and 8-eyelet boots etc. are all boots too but they fall under these 6 categories. If you have any query, you can ask below in the comment section or share with the world which boots you like the most. Click here to see more fashion related content on our site.

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