Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

Men always needs to know about dress shoes and that’s why we are bringing 6 types of dress shoes today that every man should know.

“A perfect pair of shoes means a journey without tiredness.” – Musa Butt

We have talked earlier in our previous article “17 types of shoes” that men shoes are divided into 3 major categories, dress shoes, casual shoes and boots. Dress shoes is our main topic of concern today and we will see in detail about all the types of dress shoes and when you should wear them and with which dress.

“What’s more comfortable than having a nice pair of shoes in your feet?” – Musa Butt

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are usually worn with formal dresses like dress pant and shirts etc. They are mostly made of leather to give you smart stylish look along with perfect comfort. The super shine and royal look of dress shoes multiplies your sophisticated look. Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Slip-On Loafers are known as one of the most comfortable dress shoes in the world.

“Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter, but charm does” – Musa Butt

You look more gentlemen, polished and smart when wearing dress shoes. A nice looking branded dress shoe cost around $200-300 USD on average. However, odds are there and hand-stitched expensive leather dress shoe made on custom order can cost up to $1000 USD. Some of the famous types or sub-categories of dress shoes are as follows.

6 Types of men Dress shoes



Derby shoes are considered as one of the most common dress shoes but they are less formal as compared to oxford. Casual Derbies can be worn with Jeans of other casual dresses but formal Derbies comes in black and brown color and are worn with suits or dress pants and dress shirts.

You can wear black or brown with all color suits but avoid wearing black suit with a brown Derby. A derby shoe can come in wingtip style with perforations on Toe Head. A Derby shoe can also come in Brogue style as we have mentioned in 17 types of shoes that Brogue is not a shoe style, it is basically an Oxford or Derby shoe with Brogue perforations.

Plain Derby, Cap Derby, Wingtip Derby, The White Buck and Moc Toe Derby are the few types of Derby Shoes.


Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know


Oxford shoes as discussed above are known as world’s most formal shoes. As they are formal, therefore can be best for formal dresses like suits or dress pant and dress shirt. Their design is quite similar to Derby shoes but the major difference lies in the laces style.

Oxford shoe has more closed lacing as compared to the Derby Shoe in which there is comparatively more distance between laces. These shoelaces are attached under the vamp. If you choose the right color, oxford shoes can also worn with jeans but it should not be your first choice. You can get a nice pair of Oxford shoe under $300 USD that is made up of fine leather material.

Allen Edmonds Carlyle Oxford shoes are considered to be the best when it comes to oxford shoes. They (Allen Edmonds) are in business since 1922 and have make their presence known for a reason. Just like types of Derby, there are also plain oxford, wingtip oxford and Brogue oxford as types of oxford shoes with little alterations according to trend.


Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

When a design or modification becomes so famous, it itself earns a name. Brogue was actually a design. Brogue shoes are basically low-heeled as compared to Oxford and Derby. The perforations we see in Oxford shoes and Derby shoes for men are actually hybrid of both Brogue and Oxford or Brogue and Derby.

These perforations got so famous and comes in so many charming styles that now these are called Brogue shoes. They are made of leather material. Wingtip, Semi Brogue, Quarter brogue and Longwing brogue are the four main types of Brogue shoes. Click here to see more details about types of brogue shoes.

Keep in mind that a brogue can be an oxford and an oxford can be a brogue so don’t get confused. Dolce & Gabbana and Alfred Dunhill are the two top brands producing one of the best Brogue shoes in the world. They are expensive and cost around $700 USD.


Monk shoes have a unique strap or buckle design and come without laces. Because of the strap, they are also called Monk Strap. Monk shoes are formal shoes and make you look more smart and stylish when worn with formal dressing. The interesting part is why they are called monk shoes?

Actually, monks used to wore double monk shoes as they gave them same look like the sandals. They used to work in these boots in 13th century. Prada Monk Strap Dress Shoe are considered to be the best manufacturers of Monk Strap. They cost around $750 USD. There are three kinds of monk shoes; single monk, double monk and triple monk.

Single Monk

Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

Single Monk Shoes have single strap or buckle and the rest of the shoe design is same.

Double Monk

Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

Double monks are more popular as they were worn by those ancient monks. Double Monk shoes have double strap or buckle.

Triple Monk

Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

Triple Monk shoes have triple strap or buckle but these are not very much recommended or liked by people.


Loafers are somewhere in between casual and formal but obviously not as formal as other dress shoes. Loafers are often worn without socks but if you don’t like to wear shoes without socks then “no show socks” can be worn with loafers. They are called loafers because of their slip-on functionality and are lace-less. Gucci loafers are considered to be the most formal loafers in the world. Nunn Bush Men’s Strafford Slip-On Loafer is among the best loafers in the world. Cole Haan is also one of the best loafer’s producers in the world. Both of these brands sell their loafers at quite an economical price which is $150-200 USD.

Penny Loafers


Penny loafers are considered as the most versatile loafers among the three types. Due to their versatility, they can be easily worn with most of the outfits. However, they are not fully formal.

Bit Loafers


Bit loafers come with a little metal piece on the normal loafer and is placed in the horizontal direction across the vamp.

Tassel Loafers


Tassel loafers, just like penny loafers are an alteration to a regular loafer. They comes with knotted fixed laces that hangs from the vamp and in some cases these laces are functional. Tassel loafers can be worn formally and with all those clothes that can be worn with other loafers.


Men Dress Shoes – 6 Types you should know

Just like Loafers, Moccasins also have the slip-on functionality and comes in 3 styles; penny, bit and tassel. They consist of a soft sole and are made of soft comfortable leather material. According to some, loafers and moccasins are different name of same shoe.

We hope you like our content on men dress shoes and its 6 types that you should know. If you have missed out our article on all the 17 types of shoes, go check it out as well. Comment us below about your experience or anything we missed. Also, you can ask any question if you want. See our Fashion section for latest fashion related blogs as well.

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