7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Today’s interesting collection is all about 7 best video editing apps for android users. Video editing is fun for some and annoying tasks for others. Video editor really needs to have an intuitive and simple design that users can use without any experience.

When it comes to video editing on smartphone, it becomes even more annoying because of the small screen size. Not all video editors handles this problem wisely but some that are best in business are as follows.

7 Best video editing apps for android users

Best video editing apps for android users shared below are best because of the excellent precision, awesome interaction with user keeping in mind the screen size and fast rendering on smaller machines. Our focus was to share with you a collection of best video editing apps for android and following apps include both paid and free apps.

1.      FilmoraGo

7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

FilmoraGo is the mobile version of Filmora from Wondershare. It is available for free in Google Play store however there are some in-app purchases.

FilmoraGo is made for ease of users so that its desktop users who want to do small editing like adding filter, brighten, darken, cut, trim, crop etc. can do things wherever they are. Results produced are one of the best comparing with other competitors. The option for directly uploading the video on YouTube is also available. 4K videos are not supported yet but still FilmoraGo is considered to be one of the best free video editing app for android users. The best thing is that it doesn’t leave any watermark like few other top of the list editors do in their free versions.

2.      Quik

7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Just like its name, Quik video editor allows you to quickly change your video into something professional by adding music and a unique theme. Your movie is quickly converted into a shorter one. Quik automatically choose the best clips from the video you choose from library. It then ads a music and an introductory text of your choice.

Quik isn’t really one of those that comes out with many exciting video editing features and neither has it claimed to be one. Its free, it’s best when you require a professional video of best scenes to relish the unforgettable moments.

3.      Adobe Premiere Clip


This application needs no description or introduction. Adobe has achieved the highest rank in providing best editing platforms. It is the mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You can edit your videos on your smartphone free of cost as this application is free of cost and also ads-free. Create or Sign-in with your Adobe ID and start using Adobe Premiere Clip. 4K videos are also supported by this application and you can directly share your videos on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram etc.

4.      Viva Video


If you are a regular social media user like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you must have noticed a small watermark below some videos. Viva Video is one of the most widely used video editing apps and it’s because of their extremely friendly user interface. High efficiency and productivity in Viva Video comes with feature-rich menu. Intuitive design and lots of effects filters and options.

Viva Video Pro version is ads-free and have some additional options but free version has everything too except the ads.

5.      KineMaster

7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

KineMaster is an up to date video editing app for android users and it is best when it comes to movie making. Advance video editing options and intuitive user interface is always preferred by KineMaster.

KineMaster team is motivated and dedicated, always working hard to become the best choice of their user. Direct YouTube upload is available and 4K videos are supported. KineMaster is freely available on Google Play Store and subscription is also available to avoid ads while editing video.

6.      Power Director


Just like Kinemaster, Power Director is another video editing app that is best for movie making. Power Director comes out with the interface that is quite similar to the desktop video editing software. Top-left for clips, bottom for timeline and top-right for preview.

Power Director’s free version is available on Google Play Store. But if you want editing without getting interrupted with ads and exported without watermark, you can buy the Paid version of Power Director.

7.      Magisto

7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Magisto doesn’t really refer to any magic nor does it contain any magical stuff. It is one of the 7 best video editing Apps for android and the last in our compact collection.

Magisto is highly recommended for vloggers because of the stunning auto-editing feature. Magisto has an automatic A.I analyzing algorithm to produce high quality results. Just like Quik video editor, magisto also automatically produces video in few minutes by detecting and extracting the best moments and clips from your video.

We hope you like our collection of 7 best video editing apps for android. Click here to see our collection of best free android applications.

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