7 New Long Hairstyles for men- Hairstyles for long hair

7 New Long Hairstyles for men- Hairstyles for long hair

7 new long hairstyles for men and these hairstyles for long hair can make your looks stunning. We all know that hairstyle plays an important role in grooming your look. Some likes to have long hair and some loves short. Whatever you love, hairstyles for long hair and for short hair are always there. Today, we have filtered out 7 best new long hairstyles for men and we hope that they won’t worry about hairstyles for long hair anymore. A beautiful quote for long hair before starting our collection.

“If you have long hair, you care to look like a Millionaire”-Musa Butt.

7 Latest hairstyles for men long hair

Following are 7 hairstyles for men with long hair to make them look more sexy and attractive.

1.      Pony Tail- Long hairstyles

When it comes to long hairstyles for men or women as well, pony tail is the one which is most common of all. However, the way you Pony you long hair does matter. Pony is the quickest way to set long hair. Some likes to have clean or small sides with long top to give your long hairstyles a modern look. See the difference in the look of both hairstyles below. Comment us which one do you like.

7 New Long Hairstyles for men- Hairstyles for long hair

2.      Long Braids- New Hairstyle

Men having long hair can look stunning and sexy with braids. Braids is not only a unique way of styling your long hair but also give you a versatile and elegant look.

7 New Long Hairstyles for men- Hairstyles for long hair

3.      Long Curly Hair- Hairstyles for men

Some men have long hair that are curly and some love curly but don’t have them naturally. Well, you can have your hair curl. Long curly hair that are rich in volume looks stunning if you give them freedom. Curls doesn’t really mean that you don’t have to take care of your hair. They definitely requires equal care. Pony your long curly hair and believe us they look more scenic then straighter ones.


4.      Long Straight hair- Long Hairstyles

Complimenting long curly hair alone is totally unfair as some men like them straight. With little texture, you can enhance your look. Give your long hair a little shape according to your face shape. Your hair no doubt looks extra plain but they give you an elegant look as well.



5.      Long Hair with Beard

Have you ever tried beard with long hair. Believe us it looks amazing. Long hair whether you pony them or not and whether you have curly or straight. Having beard on your face can simply double your elegance. Beard doesn’t mean you have to grow it so long, little hair as shown below can make the difference as well.


6.      Long Undercut (One side trimmed)- New hairstyle for men

Men with long hair if want something out of the box, undercut is the best option for them. Long undercut makes you look more sexy and kind of model look. This kind of hairstyle is usually not accepted formally as one side is trimmed short and the hairs are flipped on the other side. This new hairstyle for men with long hair is marvelous.

7 New Long Hairstyles for men- Hairstyles for long hair


7.      Man Bun for Long Hair- Long hair hairstyle

Man Bun is very famous hairstyle for men with long hair. Man bun is kind of sibling to the pony tail style. Man bun is best for men with long wavy hair and we think that showing you straight away how it looks rather than explaining further is better.


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