9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls- hairstyles for girls

9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls- hairstyles for girls

Schoolgirls like to have stylish and cool hairstyles and today we are sharing a collection of 9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls.

Schoolgirls get bored with one hairstyle daily and want something different and stylish. It is said that change is always good. Well, it is absolutely right as changing your hairstyle before going to school can make you look prettier and stylish.

So, no more waiting and boring talk and let’s see our collection below of 9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls.

9 good-looking hairstyles for school girls

This school girl’s hairstyles collection is for long hair as school girls don’t often have short hair.

Dutch Pigtails

One of the adorable and common school girls’ hairstyles, Dutch pigtails is easy if you know how to braid. You have divide the hair into to section right from the center. Divide each section hair in 3 sections of 3 inches each and start flipping them. Braid till you reach the end of the hair. Do the same with other half you divide. That’s perfect for your little angel. See adorable results below.

9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls- hairstyles for girls

Crown Braid- hairstyle for girls

Crown braid is similar to the side braid and includes braid as well. The braid starts from the front hair and comes back in the ponytail. See crown braid hairstyle below.


Crown braid hairstyle 4 minutes easy tutorial:

Wrapped ponytail

Wrapped ponytail is similar to the regular ponytail and requires little modification. Just make the regular ponytail and take thin section from the hair and wrap it where you tie your ponytail. If your ponytail is longer in length, you will need to secure it with pin.


Watch wrapped ponytail tutorial below:

Hair bow- school girls hairstyle

This nice-looking hairstyle for school girls can give your daughter a cute look. Hair bow as the name suggests includes a bow at the back of the back where you pony your hair.

9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls- hairstyles for girls

It’s a little tricky and not that simple to teach you like that so click on the link below for step by step tutorial.

Side braided ponytail- hairstyle for school girls

Side braided ponytail gives your daughter an adorable look. It’s easy if your know how to make a braid. Unlike one thick braid in the center, it consists of two braids one on left and right side each that meets in the center and then there is straight hair ponytail. See this beautiful side braided ponytail below.


Twisted or bubble ponytail

Twisted ponytail is one of the cutest hairstyles for school girls and is very quick and easy. No more boring simple ponytail, the twisted ponytail is made after simple ponytail. You just need to tie your hair few inches below the original pony. Tie total of 3 to 4 times each after few inches. See the delightful results below.


Rope Ponytail- Adorable hairstyle for girls

Rope ponytail is another simple but pleasing hairstyle for your cute little queen. Just like the regular ponytail, you tie the hair, and the section of ponytail is simple divided into 2 sections and both are twisted into one another. At the bottom, you tie them again to hold the twists.

9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls- hairstyles for girls

Spiral Lace pony

Spiral Lace pony is an appealing hairstyle for school girls. It is tricky but if you know how to braid then it’s not that difficult. Make a high pony and separate a 3-4 inches section of hair from the ponytail. Make braid and then start wrapping your ponytail with the braid in downward direction. See Spiral Lace pony below and you will see how simple and pleasing it is.


Wrapped braid around your head

Wrapped braid is another awesome looking hairstyle for school girls. Just braid your hair on one side either left or right. Wrap the braid around your head. See the style below and see the video if you want to learn through quick tutorial.

9 beautiful hairstyles for school girls- hairstyles for girls

Video tutorial about Wrapped braid hairstyle for school girls:

That’s all for now, keep visiting for latest hairstyles for girls and boys, men and women. We hope you like our collection and comment us to tell which style you like the most. See our fashion section for more amazing latest fashion content.

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