9 Best Places to Visit in China- China tours

9 Best Places to Visit in China- China tours

9 best places to visit in China while you are on China tours. China, who doesn’t know about this massive country with every aspect of nature in it. The country with vast land lies in East Asia have desserts, landscapes, waterfalls, valleys, rivers, volcanos, lakes, mountains, and glaciers, etc. China is now one of the biggest economies in the world. Every country you visit will have products that are made in China. When it comes to tourism, China has many places that attract tourists all over the world. Many of these places present their culture that is old and is still followed by their people in the modern era too. China comes at number 4 in terms of Area and most populous in terms of population.

Today, we will be sharing with you 9 best places to visit in China when you are on China tours. Before starting, let us tell you that there many other places that are worth touring as China is a very big country. But we are sharing places that we filtered out are the best. Let’s start traveling to China with this top travel quote.

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard.

China Tour- Best places to visit in China

1.    Yangshuo- China tourism

Yangshuo is a beautiful city in China and is a county and resort town. Karst mountains are the core reason behind this place’s fame. You can travel the place in a boat as well as there are trails for hiking also. All this combines together to make it a scenic place. The boating is done on the famous Li River that we have discussed later in this article. Shiwai Taoyuan is a traditional park in Yangshuo that offers tourists to have the tour of traditional villages.

9 Best Places to Visit in China- China tours

2.    Lhasa- China tours

Lhasa is another famous city in China and has some panoramic beauty. It is located in the region of Tibet. Lhasa lies in the center of Tibet region and has peak elevation of 3600 meters. Due to its high elevation, the temperature of this place is war in summers around 20-30 degree Celsius and in winters the average temperature is -9 degree Celsius. The famous historic Potala Palace is also located in Lhasa.


3.    Shanghai- Best place in China

Lying on the central coast of China, Shanghai is the biggest city if China and is known for being a global financial hub. The popular 623 meters high Shanghai tower and Oriental Pearl Tv Tower are located in Shanghai across the Huangpu river. Other than these two towers, the Bund, Yu Garden, and the Nanjing road are the top things that you should not miss while on China tours.


4.    Great Wall of China- Tours of China

One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is an iconic place and signature for China. This place is one of the 9 best places to visit in China when you are traveling to China. The Great Wall of China is a source of massive tourist attraction in China every year. The construction of the Wall started in the early 7th century BC and took almost 2000 years to complete. The Ming dynasty was the one who built it from the 14th to 17th century and it was the last time till now. The purpose of the wall was defense as well as trading. The wall is 21,196 Kilometers long and its width is around 4-5 meters. The site is included in the UNESCO world heritage.


5.    Beijing- Capital of China

Popular because of many scenic sites like The Great Wall of China, The Palace Museum, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. Beijing is the capital city of China and is known for being historic as well as a modern city. The city has many historic architectural sites that show ancient Chinese tradition and culture. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Beijing is the world’s largest capital city in terms of population and third largest overall. People traveling to China usually don’t miss to visit Beijing as it is one of the best places and cities to visit in China.

9 Best Places to Visit in China- China tours

6.    The Li River, Guilin- Top places in China

The Li River as mention earlier is a river that lies in Yangshuo city and makes it look even beautiful. It flows all the way from Guilin to Yangshuo and is almost 83 meters long. Tourists love to go boating as the panoramic view between the mountains is awesome and sensational. You will feel like it’s a piece of heaven you are breathing on. Flowing between the famous Karst mountains, these Karst mountains give Li river the fame it has.


7.    The Yellow Mountains, Huangshan- Chinese tour

You are on a Chinese tour and you miss the Yellow mountains in Huangshan, its unfair. In eastern China, Huangshan is a mountainous site and it is said that the Yellow Emperor was ascended to heaven from here. Almost 140 sections in Huangshan are open for tourists and this place is a great attraction for tourists and attracts many tourists every year.

9 Best Places to Visit in China- China tours

8.    The Potala Palace, Tibet

As discussed earlier in the Lhasa city section, the famous Potala Palace is located in the region of Tibet and Lhasa city. It was the residence of Dalai Lama since the 14th century until he moved to India in the mid 20th century. The site was added in UNESCO world heritage list in 1994. The Potala Palace is named after Mount Potalaka and is a must visit the site when you are on China tours.


9.    Xi’an- Top tourist destinations

The capital of Shaanxi province, Xi’an is a large city in China. There are many places of attraction for tourists that presents a unique panoramic view. Xi’an is an important transportation hub in Central and Western China. One of the 9 best places to visit in China when you are traveling to China. The city has a cultural history. It is a populous city with a population of around 8.7 million. The city was a place for refugees in World War 2. The city was the first one with the introduction of Islam as it allowed Muslims to do practices of Islam. Around 50,000 Muslims live here. There are seven mosques including the famous GREAT MOSQUE.


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