9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

We know many foods that are beneficial for our health but today we are going to reveal 9 healthy food combinations with supernatural benefits.

There are some food combos that are considered great source of nutrients and energy. Did you know any food combination with extreme health benefits before? No? Don’t worry and let’s get down to these awesome food combinations.

9 must try Food combos with extreme health benefits

When two more ingredients interact during the digestion process and facilitate the absorption of all the nutrients it is called food synergy.

Food synergy shows way better results than the body receives much better and complete benefits than when foods are ingested separately. Besides that, they harmonize greatly from a gastronomic point of view.

Some of the combinations below might not be tasty or delicious but their health benefits are unbelievable.

1.      Carrot and Peas


Peas contains zinc which is essential for the production of a protein responsible for converting beta-carotene found in carrots, into vitamin A.

2.      Pineapple and Mint Juice


Our first healthy combo is pineapple and mint juice which is easier than you think. Besides being delicious and refreshing, this combination of pineapple and mint has great impact on your digestive system. It is considered as a great alternative to clean your body specifically your digestive system. It facilitates digestion. The liver is detoxed by the Bromelain found in pineapple and mint helps in the digestive process.

3.      Papaya and Flaxseed

9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

This food combo is extremely vital for anyone who is suffering from constipation. They help the good functioning of the intestines. We know that papaya is famously known for being rich in fiber, beta-carotene and mineral salts. Whereas flaxseed is an awesome source of both soluble and insoluble fiber which increases the fecal matter and helps with intestinal transit.

4.      Beans, Kale and Orange

9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

The essential amino acids and iron of beans and kale when combined with the vitamins of the orange and more specifically with Vitamin C, increase and potentialize the iron absorption of the body.

5.      Carrots and Chicken

9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

Chicken contain zinc and carrots contain beta-carotene. Vitamin A is a healthy nutrient for eyes, immune system and skin. When you cook chicken with some carrots, beta-carotene helps zinc in the chicken to make Vitamin A.

6.      Tomato with avocado or olive oil

9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

This combination contains monounsaturated fats, which are good for the heart. Avocado very efficiently carries the lycopene of tomatoes to the intestine which facilitates the bioavailability of this nutrient. Lycopene can reduce the free radicals produce by sun exposure and pollution.

7.      Beans and Rice


Combination of beans and rice is very common especially in South America. Rice and beans is very recommended pairing because they overcome the lacking of each other. Their combination is high in proteins similar to the piece of meat because of their essential amino acids.

8.      Cheese Omelet


Calcium is very essential for bones in our body. It keeps your bones healthy but we have one problem. Our body finds it difficult to absorb the calcium without Vitamin D. Now think about the cheese omelet which is always mouth-watering, at least for me. Cheese has calcium and egg has Vitamin D. Therefore, when we eat cheese omelet, we intake both calcium and Vitamin D which proves essential for our bones.

9.      Greet Tea and Lemon

9 Healthy Food Combinations you must try

This is one of the most famous food combination all over the world. All thanks to its unique taste and freshness. Lemon has the acidity which is essential to potentialize the absorption of the catechins, anti-oxidants compounds found in green tea which prevents premature aging and has an anticancer action.

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