Best chrome extensions available

Best chrome extensions available

Most of you are users of google chrome and we are going to share the best chrome extensions available. Every one of us who is a chrome user must have these google extensions as these are best chrome extensions available.

Before starting all this, let us tell you a little about what are chrome extensions. But if you already know this, you are welcome to skip this paragraph. First of all, you should not confuse yourself between google extensions or google chrome extensions or chrome extensions. Because all of these are the same.

Now coming to the part where and why these chrome extensions are helpful. Google chrome extensions from verified sources are very useful for you when you are using google chrome. These google extensions help you in different ways like saving your time or making things simpler for you. We can take an example of a simple chrome extension that is most frequently used by many chrome users. It’s called the Adblocker. It is very useful for you as it prevents your web search from Ads. Consequently, you can use the chrome browser easily because these Ads are sometimes annoying.

So, best chrome extensions available that every user must have are as follows.

Best Google Chrome extensions available you must have

Chrome extensions are very useful because they enhance your browsing experience. Some of the best google chrome extensions available that you must have are as follows. One thing you must know is that these extensions can also work well for Opera or Vivaldi.

1.    Full Page Screen Caption- Google extension

There are many ways or tools available to take Screen Shot. Those are handy tools but the beauty of this google extension is amazing. This chrome extension allows you to save the Screenshot of the whole web page. Unlike common screenshot, this google extension scroll the entire web page and store the screenshot. All you have to do is to add this extension from Google chrome store. Click on the top right where the extension is visible and save or download the screenshot. This google extension is easily available on google chrome store.

Best chrome extensions available

2.    Loom: Video Recorder- best chrome extensions

This is one of the most useful extensions for those who often requires screen recording. Loom Video recorder is an amazing chrome extension easily available on google chrome store. They also provide a video tutorial in google chrome store about using this chrome extension. You can record your screen as well as webcam simultaneously. This awesome extension for Chrome is free.


3.    FoxClocks- Chrome extension

If you are a business associate or your meetings are held online. You can add this beneficial extension for chrome browser. This extension helps you to see the time difference in different regions of the world. This extension helps you to know the time without searching on google chrome. You can see the time of your added countries by clicking on the extension icon. You can simply type a name if any city and add it to your list.


4.    Hover Zoom- Best chrome extensions

Its one of our favorites google extensions. This extension is really amazing if you love to surf on web pages. In other words, this extension is helpful for you if you browse too much. This extension, as the name suggests, allows you to see zoom picture whenever you hover on it. You can use this on any website. All you have to do is to hover on the picture and you will see the enlarged or zoomed picture. This reduces the need to open new image tabs. Images that are larger than your screen are automatically resized according to your screen.


5.    Extensity

This is another extension that can be best for you if you have lots of extensions running at the same time in your chrome browser. Extensity helps you to easily and quickly disable or enable any extension you have installed in your google chrome. You can disable or enable from the list that is shown when you click on the extensity extension.

Best chrome extensions available

6.    Unblock Origin

You must be familiar with the Adblocker google extension. Well, if you are using it to get away from all the intrusive advertisement. This extension Unblock origin can be useful for you. This is because it is an Ad Blocker that does not take a slip-through fee from Advertiser. It simply allows you to enable Ads on websites that you want to support and not use Ad Blocker. You can simply turn on the power button after clicking on the extension. You have to turn it on after opening the website.

Best chrome extensions available

That’s all for today regarding best chrome extensions available. There are many more awesome extensions for google chrome. These are available along with their ratings on google chrome store. You can download and install them easily. We will try to extract more extensions.

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