Can Huawei get access to Google Services again?

Can Huawei get access to Google Services again?

One of the most trending tech talks this year were about the US ban on Huawei and today we are going to answer can Huawei get access to google services again. Huawei can get an early Christmas present from the US government in the form of their name removed from the blacklist.

We have already talked a lot previously about the US government ban on Huawei regarding Google services. But today we are here to give you some good news that all is not lost and there is still chance.

Huawei to get Google access soon

Yes, it might be the biggest news for you right now especially if you are more of a Huawei fan than of Huawei user. Huawei is in the blacklist of US government and they can’t do business with American companies. If the American companies wants to do business with the Huawei, they need to get a license from the US government. All they can do is to apply for the license and the US government will decide whether to give license or not.

Why American companies wants license from US government to do business with Huawei?

Since, Huawei we all know has gone so far in technology especially the smartphones over the past few years. It is a multi-billion dollar company and has now become the second biggest smartphone makers in the world. They are very close to beat Samsung and become the number 1 selling smartphone brand in the world.

This is the main reason why American companies wants to work with Huawei. Many of the companies have asked for the license from the US government. According to report, around 260 license requests has been received by the US government.

No doubt that without using Google services, Huawei era will end sooner or later but these American companies will face a huge loss as well.

Wilbur Ross is optimistic

Wilbur Ross is a US official and he is very optimistic that Huawei will be allowed to use google services very soon. This is because of the license request received by the US government are far beyond expectation.

He told that license of selling equipment to Huawei from the US government will be coming very soon. The huge number of license requests clearly shows that American companies are affected a lot due to this ban. The licenses that are not very sensitive regarding the security of the US will be out sooner than we expect.

Expected Trade agreement

Maximum chances are there that US and China are going to have an agreement. The deal will include China buying more agricultural products from the US government and in exchange, China will ask US to reduce the 15% taxes on smartphone import (import from China to US) and also to remove Huawei from the blacklist.

It will be best if US ban is removed because right now Huawei has been facing a huge loss regarding their flagship smartphones. Huawei Mate 30 pro and other flagship smartphones are coming out without Google services and due to which Huawei sales in the west are getting affected so much.

Huawei local support is Amazing

The only and enough good thing for Huawei happening this year is the nation’s support. Chinese people are very patriotic and Huawei sales has outperformed all other brands in China by huge margin. Compared to the last year sales of Huawei in China which were 25 Million, Huawei manages to sale 41.3 Million smartphones till now in 2019.

This was all on “Can Huawei get access to Google services again” and we hope you are clear about the whole situation. Hopefully, the good news will be out very soon. American companies will be able to get license from the US government and it will be beneficial for these companies as well as the Huawei.

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