Can we eat ice cream during Pregnancy?

Can we eat ice cream during Pregnancy?

Can we eat ice cream during pregnancy? Pregnancy is what most of the women went through in their life once. Doesn’t matter whether you care about others or only yourself, when it comes to pregnancy, women become so precautionary and careful. The love of every mother for their babies is impossible to express in words and it all starts during pregnancy.

Being protective during pregnancy makes women’s each motion think of whether doing this or that will make my baby suffer? When it comes to food, there are many that doctors or science don’t recommend a woman to eat during pregnancy.

Ice cream lovers when get pregnant have one basic question in their minds “Can we eat ice cream during pregnancy?”. Well, be happy as ice cream isn’t harmful for your baby. But there are some important aspects that you need to understand and follow.

Can we eat ice cream during pregnancy?

Ice cream lovers doesn’t need to completely refrain from the ice cream they love as most of them are made from milk, cream and other healthy nutrients.

However, eating lots and lots of ice cream daily will harm your baby. This is because ice cream contains many calories and eating much can make you fat and when you are fat, its difficult to deliver naturally.

But eating a little can be beneficial as your baby’s teeth and bones become stronger by the calcium present in the ice cream.

Risks of eating ice cream during pregnancy

The risks that you can face when eating ice cream during pregnancy are:

  • Infections like listeria can lead to miscarriages or premature deliveries
  • High Calories in the ice cream can increase your weight and in some cases weight of your baby. Hence, making it difficult for natural delivery
  • Some women are sensitive to cold and therefore chances are that they suffer from sinusitis and respiratory infection

Myths and Misconceptions about eating ice cream during pregnancy

There are some famous myths about eating ice cream in pregnancy and that are so frightening that you are forced to search whether ice cream is safe or not when pregnant.

Some old experienced ladies say that eating cold whether ice cream or something else can harm the brain of baby. The fact is against it as ice cream is melted completely before reaching to the tummy due to the high body temperature.

So, what we conclude is that eating ice cream in limited amount isn’t harmful however asking your doctor first is recommended if you are sensitive. Enjoy eating ice cream and don’t worry at all but keep calculating the amount you take and read our more articles about women and health by clicking here.

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