Google Stadia- Future of Gaming

Google Stadia- Future of Gaming

Google stadia is the latest feature launched recently by Google and people are calling it the future of gaming. This is a revolution in the gaming world. Today, in this article, we will try to keep it simple and short so that you can quickly understand what is google stadia and why is it the future of gaming. Google stadia is a revolution in the gaming field and is just mind-blowing what Google has achieved. The core theme of Google Stadia is to provide gamers a platform which we can call “Cloud gaming service”.

What is Google Stadia?

Google stadia is a revolutionary introduction of an imaginary gaming world. Now, the imagination is not limited to just imagine. Google stadia has made it all possible for gamers. What this cloud gaming service actually is? With this new google stadia technology from Google, you can go from watching to playing games by just one click. The best thing is that Google knew all the major issues that could be faced by gamers. Frame rate and graphics are the two main aspects that gamers mostly prefer. Good news is that Google has assured with live proof in the inauguration ceremony that Google Stadia will totally support 4k gaming with 60fps. Seriously, this is something out of the box in this era of rapid advancement.

Now, in simple words, Google Stadia is a new gaming platform that allows you to play games without any hardware required. As we know, that for all game lovers, the system with high hardware specs is the ultimate goal. Google stadia is providing a platform where you can play games that require very high hardware specifications. You will not need to have such a system as Google’s new feature will run games on their servers and only your screens will be used. You will surely need to have a good internet connection to play games as the frequent transfer of data will be done.


Future of gaming- Google Stadia

Google Stadia will allow you to play games anywhere on any screen without hardware specifications. This is done after years of research and hard work that Google has finally achieved their goals. With Google Stadia, you don’t need to have a console and its that simple. The game will run somewhere on a PC in a data center and you will be displayed the video on your screen. All you need to have is an internet connection and a screen with just the controllers in your hands. Whatever action you perform with your controller, will be sent back via the internet.

Google has assured that all this will be done without any latency or lag and you will get the 1080p and 60fps display. Google has introduced a Stadia Controller that will be connected with servers via Wi-Fi. This will help you to keep your recent data of gaming synchronized with all devices. It means that if you are switching between devices like the laptop to PC and Pc to mobile etc. You can continue where you left last time regardless of the device.

See the video below for more details about Google Stadia:

So, this Google Stadia is really a game changer if Google can manage to completely make it possible.


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