How Do YouTubers make money

How Do YouTubers make money

This interesting talk today will clear everything about the frequently asked question that how do YouTubers make money. Well, first of all, you must know that all of us do certain things for a reason. So, how can you even think Youtubers are there to help you or make you laugh.

Surely, there are some reasons behind all this struggle. They are not helping for free of cost. Besides, they are earning more than we can even think. We are going to discuss today how do YouTubers make money and you can get motivated and start earning too.

YouTube earnings of top YouTuber

Before we start discussing the YouTube earnings and how to earn from YouTube. We will be glad to discuss the top YouTubers and their YouTube earnings. This article is going to be so motivating for us all.

The number one YouTuber of the world is PewDiePie. He was a student struggling for his life and did many small jobs like the waiter in restaurants and other jobs like that. Then, He started vlogging and uploading those Vlogs on YouTube. He himself could never think his life would change like that.

How Do YouTubers make money

Today his YouTube earnings exceed $100000 per month and it took only 3 years. We hope that this motivation is enough. Now, we are getting to the core of our topic that how do YouTubers make money.

How to make money on YouTube

All you need to have is a skill. If you have knowledge about anything. You need a little confidence and start making videos. It does not matter in which field you are professional. The beauty of making money on YouTube is that it is not necessary to have a skill set. You can make tutorials on education if you are a teacher. You can make tutorials on any topic you want. There are many gaming channels that are earning more than ten thousand dollars a month. So, all you want to do is to record what you are doing and what you are best at.

Once you find your interest and capabilities. Make a schedule of when to record and when to upload the video. Make sure that you need to be consistent and produce quality content. Furthermore, you need to stay calm and show patience as this may take some time. It only needs one video to get success on YouTube. So, if you want to make money on YouTube, you should regularly upload videos and wait for that lucky one.

AdSense request and monetization

How do YouTubers make money is an incomplete task without AdSense? When your channel reaches the milestone set by YouTube regarding Subscribers and Watch the time, you can request YouTube to enable your monetization.

What is monetization? Once your channel is approved for monetization by YouTube. You can make an AdSense account or use your existing account to link with YouTube. You will have to wait less than a month for this whole process. Once your AdSense account is linked with your YouTube account, you will start getting Ads on your videos.

This is the time when you no longer look back and success begins. Most YouTubers start their channel but get demotivated after few weeks and stop working. On the other hand, if you start earning after this crucial time, you work better. This is because you will know that more views on videos mean more Ads will run. More Ads means you will be able to generate more revenue.

Ads Rate and YouTube earnings

Finally, we have come to the conclusion. We know that there is a great link between Ads rate and YouTube earnings. More Ads running on your videos makes you more money. How do YouTubers make money totally depends on the Ads.

How Do YouTubers make money

The number of Ads you get per thousand videos is not fixed and neither the Ads rate. YouTube earnings all depends upon the category of your videos and your channel. There are some categories that are now very common like Sports, Comedy, Pranks, Entertainment etc. These categories don’t get too many Ads and their Ad Rate is low too. This is because the competition is high. No doubt, these categories can easily reach more than a million views. But the creators are also too much. For example, if there are 10 viewers who search for a sports video. There will be 20 Videos available from different creators.

On the other hand, if your category falls in Education, Science, Technology or something is very unique. You will have fewer viewers because only specific viewers will visit but there will be no competition. This is because only a few channels have channels in these unique categories.

YouTube Earnings

At last, what we conclude regarding how do YouTubers make money is simple. They identify their abilities and talent and make a channel and consistently upload videos. They wait for their video to get viral. Patience and quality content are the key. Once you get the attention of some viewers. Your circle will start growing and you will be able to make money on YouTube. Your YouTube earnings will not be fixed. They will grow every month if you consistently produce quality content. There are other ways too to make money on YouTube after your channel is successful but that’s a completely new topic that we will discuss in another article.

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