How to Attract Men – Relationship advice

How to Attract Men – Relationship advice

How to attract men is demanding topic and today you will get many relationship advice if you are a woman. We are going to discuss with you 5 ways that are best for women and girls to attract men. These are the things that can immediately attract the attention of men. First of all, girls and women should accept the fact that guys do not look for unrealistic perfection.

What guys like about girls and women is our core topic today. You can easily adopt or follow these tips and you will see the change yourself. These are not only the tips about how to attract men but also relationship advices to help you strengthen your relationship.

They are few but significant details that attract a man. These little things can make or break the first impression of you. So, without any further delay, lets get on to how to attract men and relationship advice.

5 ways to attract MEN- Relationship advice for Women

If you are a girl or woman and really tensed after seeing the unrealistic perfection in movies. We are talking about the perfection in the girls. You don’t need to worry about because what guys like about girls are totally opposite. They do like those girls in the movies but it doesn’t mean that they start visualizing their girl to be exactly like that. Following are 5 proven ways to attract men and improve your relationship.

1.    Perfume (Scent of Girl)

According to a survey and scientific research, boys really cares about how a girl or women smells. Boys do notice about the scent of a girl when they are close to you. But this doesn’t mean that you have to rush towards perfumes and use them in an excess amount. This way, things can go opposite ways because it’s a universal rule that “less is more” and it goes for fragrances too. So, use them but not more than requirement.

2.    Makeup- What guys like about girls

Here we are talking about the makeup as a whole. We have often heard that what guys like about girls is bare face. This means a simple face without makeup. Actually, it is wrong as guys really don’t know about makeup and what they actually like is a “no makeup” makeup. What it means is that you do makeup that looks natural. Makeup with soft touches. A little mascara with light eye makeup. A lip gloss and a minor blush on can easily attract us. In fact, that’s what me and my colleagues like too.

How to Attract Men - Relationship advice

Boys just like to see your real beauty without one or more fake and heavy layers of makeup. You don’t need to get stressed as makeup isn’t really a lifetime thing. It just washes up and here you go, simple and natural.

3.    Smooth Skin

What guys like about girls also includes smooth skin. But who in the world like pimples or little acne and blackheads whether it’s a woman or man? Talking about men, they do notice such things on your skin and really wants a smooth skin and but it’s really not our point of focus. It doesn’t make men unhappy. However, if you have a serious skin issue and this acne on your skin are not timely. You must be seriously taking care of them. Still, it is not what guys like or dislike about girls and therefore you should not put yourself down for this particular reason.

4.    Messy clothes (Relationship advice)

Girls or women, if you really want to get your relation to the next level. This is our next relationship advice for you. You should dress up properly because both men and women don’t like a person with messy clothes. Clothes should be neat and properly ironed because they show your personality. Wrinkle-free clothes show how groom you are.

How to Attract Men - Relationship advice

This point is not really limited to proper ironing and washed clothes. If you are a girl who wore clothes that are worn out or faded. You should be afraid because this is what some guys don’t like about girls. It is something that makes most of the boys think that girl is don’t care about how she looks.

5.    Smoking and Abusing

Finally, we are on the last past of how to attract men by simple ways and habits. According to a survey, 80% of the boys are those who don’t like girls who smoke. They think of such girls as they are bad. But there are some, who think broad and really don’t give a damn of girl smoke or not.

How to Attract Men - Relationship advice

Just like smoking, an abusive girl in some aspects are disliked by men. What guys like about girls is that they look better when they are innocent. Of course, there are some moments when a girl can shout or abuse like when your foot is hit hard with something. But if you are not hurt unexpectedly and you use to abuse walking in streets and all. Most men won’t prefer going out with you or continue relation. This was our last relationship advice. These are simple ways to look more attractive and these are different from those typical ways, that we know or told by others.

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