How to Charge Mobile without Electricity

How to Charge Mobile without Electricity

How to charge a mobile without electricity is an important way that we all must know. Electricity is not an issue in the modern world but sometimes we don’t have access to it. For example, if you are camping somewhere in the woods far from town. You will need to charge a mobile without electricity. You will ask your companions about how to charge a mobile without electricity and they might also don’t know.

So, you don’t need to worry as we have a solution to your problem. We are going to share some simple ways to charge the mobile without electricity. Just stay tuned and read the full post and chose the best method to charge mobile without electricity. Some of these methods are based on technology and some are done by using natural things.


Following are some cool ways to charge your mobile phone without electricity.

1.      Solar charger

The first method of charging a phone without electricity is using technology. Solar chargers are one of the best alternatives for charging through electricity. If you don’t know about what they are, these are the chargers that are just like a micro Solar panel. They use sunlight to charge the cells and easily producing enough current to charge your phone. If you are a traveler, this solar charger can be a good alternative to a smartphone charger. However, one little drawback of solar charger is that the weather needs to be clear. Sunlight should reach to the charger.

How to Charge Mobile without Electricity

2.      Power bank

The power bank is also a good and effective alternative to your mobile charger. This one is also a technology-related solution. They are available in different capacities. Most often up to 20000mAh and can easily charge 5-7 mobile phones easily. One drawback of power bank, which is not really a drawback, but comparing with the solar panel, it surely is. If the power bank’s battery is low, you will need to find electricity which surely is not available in our case. Therefore, the solar charger can be a better choice because you can use them as many times as you want.

How to Charge Mobile without Electricity

3.      Solar Power Bank

The solar power bank is a great invention. As the name suggests, this is the combination of the above two. You can save the electricity produced by the micro solar panel easily in a power bank. This will help you to overcome the drawback of power bank as well as the solar panel. You can charge the power bank again using sunlight. Also, if there is no sunlight for a day or two. You will have your power bank fully charged that can easily solve your problem. Therefore, if you are a traveler, you must have this awesome invention in your bag. Moreover, the good part is that solar power bank does not take much space and also are lighter in weight making it easy for you to carry.

How to Charge Mobile without Electricity

4.      Charge mobile with potato

This method is done using the potato. So, this is not an invention or technology related way but surely it is interesting. There is no rocket science in this way to charge your mobile. You just have to plug in the charger inside the potato just like you plug in the switch. It will surely take some force to plug it in. This method is not recommended at home as it sometimes works or sometimes not. You may have to plug in 4 to 5 times to find that specific point. Once the mobile charger is ready and starts charging your mobile. You will need to wait a lot of time as the process is too slow. Therefore, we only recommend you to try to use this method when you have no other option and all hopes lie on potato. See the following video to check the proof.

5.      Charge phone with onion

You may be thinking that how mobile can be charged using onion. Just like the above section where we discussed the smartphone charger using the potato. We have to do exactly the same to charge phone with onion. Plug the charger into the onion and if it doesn’t work find the other point. When you find it, wait for sometime as it takes time. See the video below and you will have the proof.

This was all on how to charge your mobile phone without electricity. We hope you will like our guide. Comment us and tell about this post. Stay tuned for latest blogs related to phone charger and other technical stuff.

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