How to clean the yellowness of Silicon mobile cover?

How to clean the yellowness of Silicon mobile cover?

How to clean the yellowness of silicon mobile cover? Well, frankly speaking, that’s an issue for me as well. Whenever I buy a silicon cover for my smartphone, sooner or later its color turns to yellow which looks ugly.

There are many other options for smartphone back cover in the market. But the thing is that silicon mobile cover is the cheapest of all and your smartphone look is somehow maintained still after putting on the back cover. Whereas, if you put on fancy back covers, the back hot look of smartphone will be covered. Here’s is how you can clean your smartphone’s transparent cover following these simple steps.

How to clean transparent mobile cover with yellow stains?

Following are few simple steps you need to follow to clean the yellowness of your silicon case and save money from buying new one. Let’s find out how.

  1. Take an empty bowl
  2. Place a tissue paper inside the bowl in a way to try cover its base and the walls
  3. Take vinegar
  4. Take Paint thinner oil
  5. Take one and half spoon of detergent powder or surf
  6. Put detergent powder on the tissue paper inside the bowl
  7. Pour 200-250ml of water in the bowl
  8. Mix water and detergent powder with your hands or anything suits you
  9. Add more tissues as they will easily stick to the smartphone cover and will help in removing the yellow stains much easily
  10. Add 50-70ml of vinegar inside the bowl and mix
  11. Time to put the cover in the bowl and with soft hands wrap the silicon cover with the tissues.
  12. Leave everything for 5 minutes
  13. Let’s add paint thinner
  14. Stir the mixture again and now properly cover the silicon case with the tissues and let it remain inside the bowl
  15. Wait for 20-30 minutes and then take out the transparent case that is covered with tissues
  16. Remove the tissues and dry the cover with tissue.
  17. Your new transparent smartphone cover is here

See this video to know how it all works.

Why smartphone transparent cases turn into Yellow color?

Silicon or transparent mobile covers gets yellow very often and it looks uglier than any other cover. You must have thought now or then that why silicon cover turns into yellow color?

There are no defined or fixed reasons behind these yellow stains on a mobile cover. There are many factors that all together effects the color of your transparent cover. The most commonly known is the ultra violet radiations from the sun.

You might have observed that silicon covers of girls who don’t often go out turns to yellow after longer period as compared to the boys. The reason is that the outside environment and the atmosphere is more responsible than any other factor.

The oil or sweat of your hand, the ultra violet radiations from the sun, UV light, temperature extremes, dust or dirt and humidity combine changes the transparent silicon cover to yellow ugly one. But the method we shared above to clean your silicon cover is awesome and you won’t have to buy a new one instead.

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