How to Fix Red Cross on Wi-Fi icon Windows 10

How to Fix Red Cross on Wi-Fi icon Windows 10

How to fix Red Cross on Wi-Fi icon when using windows 10. Sometimes you face an issue when using your laptop or desktop that your Wi-Fi symbol or Wi-Fi icon starts showing a small red cross on it. When this happens, you are unable to see the available Wi-Fi devices or networks and connect to them. In this article, we will discuss that how to fix red cross on wi-fi icon on windows 10.

Only two options are displayed when you click Wi-Fi symbol both in windows 7 and windows 10. If you are a windows 7 user click here to see how to fix Red Cross on Wi-Fi icon in windows 7.

Windows 10 shows two options that are:

  • Troubleshoot the problem
  • Open network and internet settings

How to Fix Red Cross on Wi-Fi icon Windows 10

If after troubleshooting the problem, system detects that Wi-Fi capability is turned off then you have to simply turn on the Wi-Fi capability using the Wi-Fi on off switch or key. For more details click here to see our article about how to turn on Wi-Fi capability.

Other than turning on and off the Wi-Fi capability, there can be few reasons that your wireless network adapter isn’t working right.

Troubleshooting the problem

Either the drivers of adapter are missing that helps your device connect to the wireless internet connection or the password is changed. If the password is changed, unlike yellow star on Wi-Fi icon in windows 7, Windows 10 automatically tell the user that you can’t connect to the internet. Which simply means that there is either something wrong with the wireless connection or the password is changed. You have to simply forget the older password and type the new one.

In other case, if troubleshooting the problem detects that drivers are missing, you need to simply check the adapter model that is used by your device. Click on Wi-Fi icon with Red Cross and choose “open network and internet settings”. Choose “change adapter options” and see the model which is written below your Wi-Fi.

Download the adapter drivers pack for your adapter from the internet and install these drivers on your system. You can also download the drivers pack for your whole operating system i.e. windows 10 64-bit and install these drivers. This will not only install the missing adapter drivers but also all other missing drivers on your device e.g. USB, Bluetooth, Headphone etc.

Wi-Fi icon with White star

If the Wi-Fi symbol is sowing white star on it and you are trying to connect to the internet. There are two possibilities, first connect and use the internet on any other device to see whether internet is working fine. If it is, click on the Wi-Fi icon with white star and right click on the wireless connection you want to connect. Choose “Forget” and retype the password.

We hope you like our sharing and make sure that above method of fixing red X on Wi-Fi icon was for windows 10 operating system. Click here to see the solution for windows 7 operating system.

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