How to GAIN WEIGHT (Skinny person)

How to GAIN WEIGHT (Skinny person)

Are you confused about How to gain weight naturally in one month especially if you are a skinny person? For some people weight gain is painful and weight loss for others. However, having low weight can be as much bad as being overweight. Are you a hard gainer or you just want to build lean muscles? These methods that we are going to discuss will help you a lot in how to gain weight especially when you are a skinny person.

Now there are many methods for weight gain like weight gain supplements and weight gain diet etc. We will share with you 3 simple ways to gain weight and weight gain will no longer be a problem for you. These methods will include a mixture of food and exercise and you will start gaining healthy weight. Don’t worry if you are a skinny person and confused how to gain weight. You will start getting in shape after just a month.

How to gain healthy weight fast

Following are the three ways that we have researched for you. These methods are generic and easy so that you can weight gain fast and easy. So, let’s get started.

1.    Improve your diet (High Protein Foods)

We definitely need healthy food and a good diet to build up muscles and gain weight. Our body composition is 80% diet and that’s why when it comes to weight gain, diet plays a significant role.

In a weight increase struggle, food should not be ignored. An average person needs around 3500 calories in a day if he wants to gain a pound. But here we are talking about how to gain weight when you are a skinny person. So, you have to add 500 more calories to your daily diet and this way you are going to put on weight fast.

protien food how to gain weight for skinny people

When it comes to gain weight, we really don’t want you to eat food that you hate or food that can disturb your metabolism like Junk food. They will help you gain weight but will also damage your health. Sometimes, we start eating the wrong diet for gaining weight fast. But don’t worry, we are sharing some do and don’ts of diet with you. Don’t focus on drinking water especially before eating because you won’t be able to eat much then. Try eating vegetables as they will fulfill the deficiency of water and will help you gain calories.

Proteins food:

In order to increase weight without any risk. You need to eat food that is rich in protein. Because according to the research, protein helps to build muscles without gaining fat. High protein foods are red meat and poultry, eggs and salmon fish. Eat almonds every day and take butter and jam with toast in breakfast. Well, how can we forget creamy peanut butter. Also, protein can help you decrease your hunger because it is very nourishing.

One last tip is that don’t try to overeat at once but try eating again and again.

2.    Focus on muscle growth

Now that your diet issue is solved and you need to focus on muscle growth. By muscle growth, we do not really mean bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is not really our requirement here as we first need to grow muscles.

workout-exercises How to GAIN WEIGHT (Skinny person)

So, we need to start shaping our muscles. Do simple cardio exercises and exercises like Squats, lunges, crunches. All you need to do is to maintain a balance between cardio, weight training and flexibility exercises. This will improve your metabolism and you will start gaining weight and not the fat. Your muscles will consume proteins and utilize them in the best way.

Don’t worry if you start losing weight instead of gaining because in the start it is perfectly natural and normal. Take high protein foods before and after the workout. Don’t workout daily because your muscles also need rest otherwise, they will not grow. Now, this leads us to our last part.

3.    Motivation (weight gain tip)

Apparently, it is not a weight gaining tip but if we think deeply and wisely, it’s the core. All of this mass gain starts in your head. If you are not motivated or you are not mentally prepared for gaining weight. You can’t gain weight by following any weight gain tips, weight gain diet, and weight gain exercise.

How to GAIN WEIGHT (Skinny person)

Make a to-do-list and mark the date when you started. See if you are not working according to the schedule. And for motivation, there are many ways to get it. You can add some motivational songs to your playlist. Start listening to motivational speeches related to workout. You can listen to them before and meanwhile, you are doing exercise. That’s it. We hope that these 3 ways will help you out in how to gain weight especially when you are skinny. Best of luck!!

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