How to Grow Hair Faster | Grow Hair in 1 Week

How to Grow Hair Faster | Grow Hair in 1 Week

If you are looking for how to grow hair faster in 1 week, you just find the right spot. Today, we are going to discuss some hair growth tips that will save you from many useless hair loss treatments. If you want to know about the reasons for hair loss in details you can see our article

In short, hair loss or hair fall is mostly because of your careless attitude towards your hair. Your scalp needs to be moisturized all the time. You need to maintain a balance. Neither your hair should be too wet or oily nor they should be dry. You should avoid using products like hair gel, hair wax and Brylcreem, etc. Using curlers and straighteners can ruin your hair so don’t do them often. At last, if you use hair colors so much, they are made up of chemicals and thin your hair.

“Invest in your hair it is a crown you never take off”.

1 Week Hair Growth Tips

How to Grow Hair Faster | Grow Hair in 1 Week

Following are some of the tips that you can follow on a daily basis and your hair will grow faster. Hair growth without any hair treatment is a tough task but stay tuned and you will see some easy ways to grow hair faster.

1)     Rosemary and Castor oil

Rosemary and castor oil are both used for fast hair growth. It is one of the best hair growth treatment that is natural and your hair can grow faster in just 1 week. The combination of both together with 80% of castor oil and 20% rosemary should be applied directly on the scalp. You can do a little message for better results. Do this after every two days and don’t wash right after applying it. Let the mixture applied for at least one day.

2)     Head down position

It is an effective way to grow hair faster but you won’t hear much about it. As you know that blood flow and circulation is very important in the hair roots. This method of positioning your head in a way that it is below your whole body will help blood to flow in your head area quickly. Do this for 5 minutes daily and as you move your head to normal, massage your scalp for even better results.

3)     Make hair mask

You can make hair mask by combining few oils. Take one cup of coconut oil and 1 table spoon almond oil. Also add 1 table spoon macadamia and jojoba oil in the above mixture. Once this mixture is ready, apply this mask to your scalp twice a week. Wash your head after 1 hour.

4)     Conditioner and Shampoo

Many people love to wash their hair daily without knowing the fact that it has bad effect. You should not shampoo your hair more than two or three times in a week. Well, using conditioner will be so effective every time you shampoo. The reason for not doing shampoo every day is because your scalp should be moisturized. It shouldn’t be too dry or too oily.

5)     Healthy high-protein diet

Your hair growth is very much dependent on what you eat. If your diet doesn’t have enough proteins, your hair won’t grow fast. This is because whenever your body have protein deficiency, it naturally sacrifices your hair, nails and skin first. Therefore, eat high protein foods like meat, eggs and red beans etc.

6)     Cold water- Hair growth tip

Don’t shower with too hot water as your roots can go weak as a result. Use cold water to wash your hair as it locks the cuticle. Specially, after using the conditioner cold water can lock the cuticle and all the moisture is locked inside. Another simple tip related to shower is not to wrap your hair in towel while they are wet.

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