How to lose weight fast without diet plan

How to lose weight fast without diet plan

Are you a little overweight and tired of hearing harsh words from your colleagues? You don’t need to be tensed any more as we will share with you a simple tip of how to lose weight fast without a diet plan. You must have thought many times of reducing your weight but when it comes to diet it becomes so much difficult for all of us to stop from eating those cheesy fries and drink that creamy shake daily because they are all mouthwatering. What if we have a solution to your problem and you might lose weight fast without stop eating the food you love. So let us get to our main discussion about how to lose weight fast without a diet plan.

How to lose weight fast without the diet plan

Now you may be thinking that if there is no diet plan to follow in a weight loss mission, then there must be a hard training session that you have to do regularly because it’s the only other way. As we know that weight loss can be done by either doing weight loss exercise or eating less or doing both for a quicker result (Reducing intake of calories and losing them fast).

But you don’t need to worry anymore about your weight and how you are going to lose it. We know you because we, too, don’t like to do exercise and follow a diet plan, yet desire to reduce weight. Therefore, We are going to share with you a single weight loss exercise that needs only 5-7 minutes daily and you will not need to worry about how to lose weight fast because the exercise will do it for you.

How to lose weight fast without any diet plan

Weight loss exercise

We won’t be taking your time anymore and will share with you only one weight loss exercise that you have to do daily. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about diet much because this exercise is so effective. The exercise name is “Plank”. You might be familiar with this and know how to do it but you may not know how effective it can be.

If you don’t know the value of this weight loss exercise then you may see the video link at the end of this post in which you can see what is the proper way of doing it and what are its vital benefits scientifically proven. You should not forget about one thing that is if you are eating so much and doing the plank for just a few seconds. Then this exercise won’t be effective much but will help you to maintain your weight and it will remain the same. Start doing the exercise and lose weight. Following are the two links. You can see the proper way of doing it and also the plan you should follow for the exercise. That’s it. Be consistent!! Be confident!! Believe yourself!!

How to do plank:

Goals for plank:

We hope you understand the exercise. Isn’t it simple? Make your schedule now and without any delay, start doing it.You must do it consistently to see good results. Do visit our other articles in the Health section and search for weight loss exercises. You will be pleased to see them too.

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