How to Make Your Muscles Strong?

How to Make Your Muscles Strong?

Stronger and powerful muscles is a dream of many persons and that’s why today we are going to reveal some significant tips about how to make your muscles strong.

Stronger muscles mostly gets bigger as well so if you want a stronger but not a bigger muscle than read our article. Stronger muscles is a sign that you are fit and healthy and your metabolism is maintained.

“Being Weak is a choice, so is being Strong.”

Strengthening exercises are best known for making your muscles strong. There are also few reasons that you need to give attention to as they don’t allow your muscle to get stronger. Read our article why muscles gets weaker for more details.

Tips to make muscles strong

To get a stronger body, stronger muscles. Only exercise or only diet is not enough, but both of these together can help you get a muscular body if you follow them properly. By following properly we meant that eating too much or over exercising is not the way to get it. It’s not a one day or one week game. You need to be consistent and work hard for a period of time. You will start noticing difference in your muscles after 10-12 days.

Food that makes muscles strong

When it comes to muscles, it is commonly known that proteins are the only nutrients you need to take. Well, it is totally wrong because carbohydrates and fats are necessary as well. You need to take a calculated diet. An average human body requires 0.8g per Kilogram of the body weight which means 56g for men and 48g women on an average. But if you want to get stronger muscles, you need to increase the intake in between 1.5-2.2 grams per Kilogram depending upon the size you want. Lean strong muscles and big strong muscles will have different ratio of protein. Following are the foods that are rich in protein.

Foods rich in protein


Proteins are known as the building block of bones and they are helpful in repair and build tissues. Eggs, Salmon, lean beef, chicken breast, beans, protein powder, turkey breast, cottage cheese, peanuts, tofu, milk and almonds are few famously known foods in terms of protein and carbohydrates.

Ask your dietitian or trainer about your goal and he/she will tell you the amount of protein you need to take. Now, we come to the equally important part of getting stronger muscles and that is the exercise or training. Eating proteins alone won’t help you gain weight.

Exercise or Training for stronger muscles

How to Make Your Muscles Strong

Before you start exercising for getting stronger muscles, you need to make a plan with your trainer.

In the beginning, it is highly not recommended to lift weight or do exercise on daily basis. 3-4 times a week is enough as your muscles also need rest to recover the tissues and grow.

An important thing you need to do is changing the exercise routine by switching days or switching the order of exercises. Like if you are doing biceps on Monday, swap it with the chest exercise on Thursday. This change is vital because when you start exercising daily, your body gets into a routine and eventually after a month it isn’t a hard task. Therefore, your body will have to adjust and work harder when you change the order.

Weight training is recommended to make muscles strong quickly and you will find bunch of trainers on YouTube that will guide you much better visually.

Squats, lunges, bench press, squat racks, barbells, hammer strength machine, inclined bench press, cable and pulleys and dumbbells are all names of gym exercises.

Final thoughts on getting stronger muscles

How to make muscles strong? Well, it all starts in your brain. Make a plan with your trainer. Diet and exercise both are equally necessary to get stronger muscles. Resting your muscles is significant as well. When you have followed this routine for 1 month. Swapping or changing order of exercises will be great as your body needs to adjust with new routine and therefore work harder.

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