How to stop drooling when you are asleep?

How to stop drooling when you are asleep?

Previously we discussed about what is drooling and why you drool and today we will reveal how to stop drooling when you are asleep. Following are the five things you must do to stop drooling overnight.

5 ways to stop drooling when asleep

5. Use an oral device

How to stop drooling when you are asleep?

You must use an oral device to stop drooling. Of course anti-drooling devices exist and should not worry about drooling anymore. Moreover, the good thing is that they are really effective. All you need to do is to consult with your dentist and get the right device for your mouth. These devices helps your tongue to stay in the right position and keep your mouth close and reduce drooling. But this device doesn’t work perfect for everyone and you might try a different method then. But if you are so much tired of drooling overnight and there is no other option, an oral device will be perfect for everyone.

4. Change your sleeping positions


Some sleeping postures positions your mouth down towards the pillow and the gravity pulls saliva down. Therefore sleeping on your side or on your belly increases your chance of drooling a lot. Sleeping on your back is one of the best natural way to stop drooling at night as saliva stays inside your mouth. If it’s difficult for you to sleep all night on your back, try to have some support on both side like pillow etc.

3. Stop medication

It might sound unreal but there are some medicines that allows you to make more saliva. This way when you sleep you might drool. Therefore, you need to know whether your medicines are causing hyper salivation or not. Because if it is, it can be the main of cause of your drooling.

2. Keep your head up

How to stop drooling when you are asleep?

Of Course it is recommended to keep your head always up but here we are talking about keeping it up while sleeping. So, if you haven’t change your pillow for a while, get a new one that keeps your head higher than your body. Else, find a wedge pillow. No doubt, it looks a bit strange at first glance but it’s better to not drool than to sleep on this pillow.

1. Clear your sinuses

One of the main cause of drooling is that your sinuses is not clean and you are not breathing from your nose. When it happens, you start breathing with your mouth and uncontrollably drop saliva. Cleaning your nasal sinuses could be the simplest way of stop drooling and waking up on a wet pillow.

There are some simple ways of cleaning your sinuses and if you interested in knowing them, click here to read our post.

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