How to stop snoring- Snoring remedies

How to stop snoring- Snoring remedies

How to stop snoring is an interesting topic as many people out there are looking for snoring remedies. The reason behind this is that snoring is what no one likes to do. It’s one of the top things that can ruin your nights and even relation with your partner. Many people think that it is not possible to prevent snoring and therefore they make their minds to live with it. Well, we are happy to tell you that you can prevent snoring.

First, you need to know that what are the reasons behind snoring. It is not passed on genetically. It happens while you are sleeping and your nose couldn’t breathe free. Means when you sleep and breathe through nose, if the air flows through your nose and throat easily, you don’t snore. But people who snore have a little breathing problem with nose that they don’t feel while they are awake and doing routine work. On the other hand, if people have breathing issues while sleeping, their surrounding tissues starts vibrating and as a result a sound is produced which we call snoring.

How to prevent Snoring- Snoring remedies

Here are some simple tips and tricks that you can follow to prevent snoring.

1)    Quit Smoking

How to stop snoring- Snoring remedies

Yes, its true. Smoking can be one o the reasons that you are snoring while sleeping. This is because smoking is also harmful for your nasal cavities and throat. The passage actually gets congested and it becomes difficult for you to breath. This process is on going and congestion will not stop unless you quit smoking. If you are not ready to stop smoking yet then try to not smoke 4 hours before you go to bed.

2)    Elevating your pillow


Elevating your pillow and indirectly your head is very effective but very few know it. When you sleep in a position that your head is straight inline with your body. It becomes difficult and puts pressure on your air way (through which air flows). On the other hand, if you are not lying low and your head is elevated, you will be surprised to see the results in less than 1 week. You can find special pillows that are really helpful for prevent snoring.

3)    Drink more water


According to Dr. Daniel Slaughter, the secretions are present in our nose along with soft palate. They become stickier when you don’t drink enough water. All you have to do is to try drinking at least 8 glass of water daily. And 1 glass in the last hour before sleeping. The results can be seen in just 2 to 3 days.

4)    Allergy

Allergy is one of the most common issues when you are snoring because it causes nasal congestion and inflammation. You need to find out from your daily routine whether it is your working place, your food or your room that has some kind of dust or so. Clean your room and eat healthy hygienic food and sleep snoring free.

5)    No Alcohol


If you are looking on internet about how to stop snoring and snoring remedies and no one tells you about this. Alcohol is like an ally of snoring. One glass with dinner is fine or only drinking in gathering and parties is better. The least you can do is to avoid drinking it 4 hours before sleeping.

6)    Vitamin C

How to stop snoring- Snoring remedies

The number 6 natural snoring remedy is to take good amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the most helpful way to stop air way blockage. Your immune system becomes better and you can breathe easily while sleeping. Therefore, try taking lemon or orange juices and other sources of Vitamin C one hour before going to bed.

7)    Anti-snoring exercises

How to stop snoring- Snoring remedies

The last natural snoring remedy you can follow is to do anti-snoring exercises. This is one of the ways to stop snoring and you can find many anti-snoring exercises online. These exercises are simple and you can find them on internet easily. You can do these exercises at home as many of them doesn’t require any equipment or so.

That’s all for snoring remedies and how to stop snoring or prevent snoring whatever you like to call it. Finally, all you have to do is to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Follow a good diet and sleeping plan. Taking good amount of Vitamin C is one of the best ways to stop snoring. Anti-snoring exercises is the also what you can do to prevent snoring. We advise you not to be worried as its not a problem that has no solution. You can find our article related to Anti-snoring exercises.

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