Huawei VS Samsung – Can Huawei beat Samsung?

Huawei VS Samsung – Can Huawei beat Samsung?

The underworld battle going on between top smartphone makers Samsung and Huawei (Huawei VS Samsung) and can Huawei beat Samsung or not, we will find out today.

So, Huawei few years ago had no name in the smartphone world and gradually they gain success. It is the quality and the innovation they are bringing to their customers for a while. Now, they have built trust just like any other bigger smartphone brand Samsung or iPhone.

Huawei is a Chinese company and their consistency has now put them in the race of most-selling smartphone brand in the world. We have already discussed about the Huawei and the US clash few days back. After US government banned Huawei from using the Google services, people started to think that Huawei will not be in the biggest seller race anymore. Even they will not be able to make any sales. How can anyone even imagine of using a smartphone without any Google services.

But Huawei has not let their missions move to the back seat and have recently shared the official news about their sales. It surprises everyone as Huawei announced that they have sold 200 million smartphones in 2019 and still 2 months to go. Huawei is claiming that they will hopefully sell 270 million smartphones in the year 2019. Huawei sold 208 million smartphones in 2018 and we can see how much their sales have gone up even after the ban from US government.

It is shocking for everyone and it was expected that their sales will go down instead of going up.

Why Huawei sales are increasing even after US government ban?

Huawei has made a new strategy to sell their phones with Google services and we all know that they have built trust among the European public. Huawei is in the game by selling budget and midrange phones. They are using old internals and making a little change in the exterior and the name. In this way, they can use the google services and therefore selling smartphones in the Europe as well.

The second reason is the Huawei sales in China. As we have mentioned earlier that Huawei is a Chinese company and Chinese people are most patriotic we know. Half of the Huawei sales are done in China and after the ban people are supporting even more by buying Huawei smartphones. Huawei clearly outperformed all other Chinese brands already.

China is the most populated country in the world and whatever sales drop Huawei is facing in the west has been covered up by the locals themselves. That’s the main two reasons Huawei sales are still going up even after the ban.

Can Huawei beat Samsung in 2020?

Huawei has said that they are hopeful to beat Samsung in 2020 in terms of most selling smartphone brand. Samsung is expected to sale 300-320 million smartphones in 2019 and Huawei is getting closer. If may be not in 2020, Huawei will possibly beat Samsung in 2 or 3 years and the main reason is the patriotic support of Chinese people.

But the solution Huawei is using to sell their smartphones in Europe by renaming and redesigning is just short term. Huawei needs to think and find a solid way to get things done. Another problem with this approach is that Huawei cannot sell their flagship devices like that. Customers’ needs continuous and consistent innovations and new features and Huawei can’t do that using old internals.

Huawei VS Samsung final thoughts

No doubt they Huawei has provided quality and built trust among their consumers but they need to find a way of using Google services. Because in a year or two Huawei might become the most selling smartphone brand using 1.4 billion population of China but it would surely lose its global brand position. Samsung will have no issues with overall less sales as they will be selling globally. So, Huawei VS Samsung is of no danger for Samsung as Huawei can beat them in terms of sales but it will lose a global brand position.

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