Job Vs Business- What to choose

Job Vs Business- What to choose

Job Vs Business which is better and what to choose? Everything we are going to discuss today is about whether you should opt for a job or business. We will take you all the way through peaks and valleys of both job and business.

We will share as many pros and cons of business and job as we can. Our main focus was to keep it simple super regarding what to choose in the battle of job vs business. Our aim is to make you decide easily what you are capable of and which way should go either business or job.

We hope that you will be able to decide at the end whether you can be a businessman or a job person. The recommendations form some of the top businessmen like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump will help you a lot. Our primary objective is to make it easy for you to choose between a job or business.

Pros and cons of starting or owning your own business and the benefits and drawbacks of jobs are important to know before taking any step. We have tried our best to extract useful knowledge about business or job. From experts talk of some of the successful personnel of both fields, we will guide you towards your destiny.

Let’s start off with an amazing quote by Robert Kiyosaki who is one of the most successful businessmen of the modern era. This quote was originated by the great scientist Einstein and Robert Kiyosaki adds his brilliance in it too.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge but knowledge empowers imagination”-Robert Kiyosaki

Business vs Job Debate

Job Vs Business- What to choose

This business vs job debate and what to choose between them is so old. It is almost impossible to decide whether you should start your own business or do a job. There are successful men, both job persons and businessmen and that’s why it is so problematic to find out what to choose.

Many job persons we see around are living a dream lifestyle and they prefer job over the business. Whereas, there are many job personnel that is highly not satisfied with their job and wants to quit every now and then.

Just like that, there are many businessmen having ideal and top living standards. The count of unhappy owners is also not less. So, it’s an indecisive battle between job and business. It’s only you who will decide yourself by analyzing the facts, pros, and cons of owning your own business. Whether Business careers are good or job is more effective, let’s find out by seeing the advantages and disadvantages of both job and business.

Job vs Business- Pros and Cons

Finally, the pros and cons of business and job will let you understand why both are good and bad at the same time.

Pros and Cons of business

Pros of owning a Business:

1.      You are your own boss

Well, when it comes to business and the pros of the business. The first advantage worldwide considered to be is that you become your own boss. This particular advantage has itself a few reliefs and few drawbacks. Owning a business makes you the boss and you don’t have to work under anyone else.

We all know that working as an employee under someone else supervision is not liked by much. Though it depends upon the type of job you are doing for example if you are a manager or some kind of team leader in any department or CEO, you don’t face such issues that low-level employees face.

Doing or owning your own business is so beneficial because you do things the way you want. This makes you think more wisely and you take steps very carefully seeing the bigger picture. You make changes that you think can best go your way. Keeping it short, the last important thing which can be a positive thing even if you face a loss is that if your plans fail and risk goes wrong and you lost so much.

Still, mentally you will have some kind of satisfaction in your mind that you did what you wanted to do. Moreover, this loss will buy you super experience and make you even better and the next time something similar is about to happen you will know before it does.

2.      Hard Work Pays Off

A famous quote that we quite often listen in our daily life is,

“Hard work pays off”.

Obviously, when you are an employee in any firm or any other organization, whether your organization pays you well for your job or not, it is clear that they generate much more revenue than the pay they give you for that particular job. You do hard well for sure but it is beneficial for your boss maybe ten or twenty times more than it is to you. On the other hand, if you own a business, your hard work gets you to take all the profit.

3.      No fear of getting fired from the Job

Whether you are doing a high paying job or a low paid, part-time job or full-time job. You will have no guarantee of your job. You can get fired any time with or without any reason. This is one of the drawbacks of the job and we have discussed in detail below in the cons of the job section.

This is one of the pros of owning your own business. You work fearlessly. You take steps without any fear of being fired. This makes you work even harder and with more interest. The results are even better because you work with freedom of mind and feel that you are the boss.

4.      Physical or mental satisfaction

Not all but many job personnel have some kind of unsatisfactory feel somewhere inside them. Sometimes they want to do something out of the box. Something innovative. Something which they think can make a huge difference but they have to follow the guidelines of the boss. They are restricted unintentionally.

Doing Business and being your own boss makes you satisfy from inside as you can take any risk or choose any path you like. Despite the fact that you may face loss too, you still have a sense of comfort that you did what you thought could be best.

5.      Experience- making you a better businessman

Job vs Business battle and what to choose between them is not over yet. Working as an employee may make you rich in some cases but the experience will remain a question mark. The business makes you a person with better experience after every step or risk you take. Good results are pushed inside the register of good experience and bad experience makes you even better as next time you know that things can go wrong.

There are many other pros of owning your own business but keeping it short today, we have presented an abstract knowledge. Moving on to the next section we really wanted to share an amazing quote to motivate you as an entrepreneur and businessman.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

Cons of owning a Business:

Cons of starting your own business or owning a business are given below. These drawbacks are for sure important to look for but still, we can’t deny the awesome benefits of it discussed above.

1.      Business is risky

Job vs business and what to choose, this battle mostly ends when it comes risk factor involves in business. Many people we see around don’t do business because they find job more secure as a fixed salary is on your door every month. Owning a business is risky and there is no guarantee that your business will run successfully. Many people once failed in business never tried their luck again.

2.      Investment required

Keeping it short as it is very much clear to most of us that business needs a good amount of money to start. Of course, there are many business and entrepreneurial ways to start setup with zero investment but as you know that,

“The more sugar you add, the sweeter it gets.”-Musa Butt

It means that the more you invest, there is more chance for you to earn more. And it’s a drawback as many of us don’t have much investment and look forward to taking lone which is not a good option at all.

3.      No Guarantee

Don’t worry because this “no guarantee” is not like the one you face during a job. It is actually about the success of your business. There is no such guarantee whether you invest millions or just a few bucks, and your business will flourish. It all depends on what is your business and how you are doing and your luck matters a lot too. This is a drawback that has no solution. Big investment or vast experience are also unable to solve this problem.

4.      Overtime in exchange with freedom

Job vs business and what to choose between them has been a long debating topic and here we are at the cons of owning your own business. As we have talked earlier that business lets you have the freedom in whatever you do and wherever you do and whenever you do. Means that if you want to take risk or so, you are free to do so as you are the boss.

Here is a problem, though you have the freedom when doing business but also your business demands overtime. Freedom changes into overtime just like when you want to have a day or two off, you don’t need to ask any boss as you are the boss, when your business is going at loss or needs extra attention and time, you will have to give all without any extra pay.

Pros and Cons of Job

Advantages of job over business:

1.      Working experience

When you are a newbie and jut entered a professional life, there is a chance that starting your own business straight away is not an appreciable choice. Starting business right after your education or just when you are beginning your professional life very much depends on your family background etc.

If you have no family business nor any knowledge or experience about how things work, doing a job and working on various posts in similar or different departments and meeting with people will help you gain a lot of exposure and experience. Afterwards, it is your choice to continue your job or start your own business.

2.      Wide-range of jobs

Jobs today are not like the jobs that were decades or two decades back. There is now much flexibility in jobs and you can work in offices or home as well. This makes it a better choice as many of us don’t want to leave home for 8-10 hours to do an office job. These wide-rage of jobs allows you to work for as many hours as you can and for as less hours as you want and you will get paid according to it. These variations facilitate housewives a lot and also those persons who want some extra cash by doing 1-2-hour job.

3.      Secure and Steady income

What to choose, business or job is now getting towards end. One of the advantages of job over business is secure and steady income. We have discussed earlier in cons of business that the is no such guarantee that your business will flourish. But doing a job is secure in two ways, one you have a contract and know that you won’t be fired or asked to leave the job. Secondly, if you are not doing contract-based job, still you will be notified a month before you get fired.

Exceptional cases are there but we are not considering them today. Steady income means that you don’t need to worry about the success of the firm or organization as you will get paid monthly.

4.      Bonuses and increments

Another advantage of doing job is that you can get timely increments and monthly bonuses if you work hard and work well. In simple words, if your boss or manager notice that their business is profited by your services, you will get allowances and bonuses.

Cons of doing a job:

1.      Generating profit for boss

One of the biggest disadvantages and demotivating factor of doing job is generating profit for your boss. No matter how hard you work on your job and with full attention, but all you get at the end is the amount of fixed pay you are hired on. Maye be your services benefits your boss twenty times more than usual, you will get the same pay or just a little bonus in odd cases.

2.      Working for someone else goals and success

Some believes in this and some not. Businessman thinks of it as if you are wasting time and you could earn double at least if you work for yourself. Others think that its wrong to not help others achieving their goals and getting paid for it. Well, it depends on what you think.

3.      Do as your boss say

When you are doing a job, you can not do anything out of the box. You follow your boss. The jobholder might have some great ideas but you can’t implement them and surprise your boss suddenly. You have to ask your boss for every step that is against the order. Moreover, if you want to have some holidays or just a day off for some urgent or important work, you have to request your boss.


Finally, what we conclude from this job vs business battle and what to choose between them is that you are the one to decide. Whether you choose business or job, hard work and innovation are required in both to gain success. Everyone has a different point of view. You have to do your own analysis on the basis of the above pros and cons of business and job and decide whether job suits you or you are made for business. Hard work and luck matter a lot in both. Your primary objective of gaining success and earning more and more is fine. But whatever you do, others must be safe and benefitted from your work. For any questions about business and job, stay tuned as much more is coming.

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