Latest Android Version- Android 9 Pie

Latest Android Version- Android 9 Pie

Latest android version that is currently available is android 9 pie. Well, Android has changed the world completely. It all started from Android Donut 1.6 which was the first version of the android. Since then, Android has never looked back and kept on improving and updating the operating system. Android has entered every country and every city.

Each updated version of Android brings something new that increase the ease of use. We are all familiar with the battle between Android and iOS from the start. This battle between Android and iOS is good if we think technically. This is because if there was no competitor, they may have slow or limited progress. But customer satisfaction and bringing new technology is like a race for both Android and iOS developers.

So, today we are going to talk about the latest android version that is Android 9 pie. We will tell you about when it was released and what was the previous android version. Furthermore, you will know about some new features and also hidden functionalities of the latest Android version known as Android 9 pie. Finally, in the end, we will be discussing the next version of android which will come after this Android 9 pie.

All About Android 9 Pie- latest android

Android 9 pie is the latest version of Android. Android 9 is currently the latest and 15th officially released Android version. The first Android version 1.0 also known as Android Donut was released in September 2008. Now, the partial release of the new version is also under testing but for now, Android 9 is the latest.

Latest Android Version- Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie release date

Android 9 Pie was released in August 2018. Just like the previous two android versions that were Nougat and Oreo, it is also released in the same month. Android 7.0 (Nougat) was released in August 2016, whereas Android old version Oreo 8.0 was released in August 2017.

Which phones support Android 9 Pie

As you know that all Android versions are not supported by every phone. New phones with better hardware are perfect to run Android 9 pie. Some of these devices or phones are:

-Google Pixel and Pixel XL (all models after these models are also compatible)

-Nokia 7.1(plus also) and Nokia 8 (all new models are also compatible)

-Essential PH-1

-OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T (All Later models are also compatible)

-Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Pocophone F1 (Compatible with all newer models)

-Huawei P20, Mate 9, Honor 10, Honor View 10, Honor Play (Compatible with all newer models)

-Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8 and S8 plus (Compatible with all newer models)

Android 9 Pie features

This android version is more adaptive as compared to its previous version. You can feel it while using that your phone kind of understanding what you want. It’s basically because of artificial intelligence. As you keep on using your phone, this latest Android version analyzes your behavior and improve your experience from time to time. The more you use it, the more facilitated you feel. It provides you with a better and smoother experience for a much longer time.

The battery consumption is very much controlled as it put aside those apps and feature that you rarely use. Just like this, brightness is also adjusted by this new Android version called Android 9 pie. It senses your behavior and adapts your way of using.

The automatic action predictor feature is so amazing because it helps you to perform tasks faster. An example is of headphone, when you plug-in, android 9 pie automatically show you the last music you were playing.

The switching between applications is made much easier and adaptive because of the gestures. You don’t need to use buttons anymore.

Android 9 Pie Feature- Digital Wellbeing

There is a new feature in android 9 pie which allows you to graphically see how much time you spent on your phone. You can see which app you often use and how much notifications you get. This feature has another awesome facility through which you can set the timer of application use. It will notify you if you are getting close to the daily or weekly time limit. This feature is called Digital wellbeing and it is now available in Google Pixel 9 and Android One phones that are running the latest version of Android.

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