Why Smartphones have non-removable batteries?

Why Smartphones have non-removable batteries?

I had the same question in my mind that why smartphones have non-removable batteries? Whenever the discussion of smartphone batteries is on, I always thought about the older smartphones back in 2014-15 when batteries were removable.

For me, it was a very practical way as you can take the battery if the phones hang. You can just go to the market and buy a new one if you are not satisfied with the battery. But why these modern smartphones are coming with non-removable batteries. What’s the big reason behind it? Let’s find out below as I have summarized my research in just few lines for you.

Phones don’t have Removable batteries anymore

Smartphones with removable batteries could have been useful when your smartphone battery is low and you don’t have access to charger or electricity and you don’t like to carry a power bank. All you need to do is to take out the second battery in your pocket, purse or bag and replace it with the one inside your phone.

Not anymore, as smartphones have batteries that are fixed inside them and cannot be removed without using special tools. Also, you need to have skills to open your smartphone. However, if your ultimate requirement is the phone with removable batteries, there are still lots of phones that have removable batteries but are quite outdated and you can only use them for basic need.

Reason behind latest gadgets having non-removable fixed battery

The number one reason when it comes to the non-removable battery in smartphones is the slimmer and thinner designs. We all know that the race between the biggest smartphone brands for the last 2 years is mostly on making thin and bezel less smartphones. Removable batteries required an extra panel whereas non-removable batteries easily have space to fit inside the smartphone body.

Other than a stylish look and sleek design, non-removable battery concept made it easy for brands to make waterproof smartphones. Fewer space for water to slide into the phone, fewer chances of damage there will be. Even the smartphones that are not water-resistant also have much lower risk.

Of course, smartphone brands and retailers wants you to buy new smartphones every year or so. In case of removable battery, those who are not fond of changing smartphones just like my 20th century father, will never change a smartphone until its dead due to reason other than the battery.

Smartphone with non-removable batteries usually retain their battery health for 24 months and then start losing its health. You have to charge your phone more often which eventually becomes annoying for all of us.

The only thing you can do to make your smartphone’s battery health retain for more than 24 months is to follow few practices. Click here to know 12 best practices to improve your smartphone’s battery unbelievably from 24 months to somewhere 36 months or more.

Summary of non-removable batteries in smartphones

If you have ever thought about why smartphone batteries are fixed now a days, then you have a similar question like me. For me, removable batteries were awesome. But there are few main reasons that we discussed in detail above about phones having non-removable batteries. The consumer demands sleek, slim and bezel less design and removable batteries needs an extra panel that increases the thickness of the smartphone. Waterproof or water-resistant smartphones are best to have fewer areas through which water can pass. At last, brands wants you to upgrade your smartphone after every 2 years or so.

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