6 Low Investment Profitable Business ideas- New Business Ideas

6 Low Investment Profitable Business ideas- New Business Ideas

Now a days, many people wants to know about how to start a business and that’s why we have shared 6 low investment profitable business ideas below. A good business idea can make you a millionaire if you follow the right steps and move in the right direction.

There are two types of business in the world, generally speaking. First, the one in which you have a skill or some unique talent and you sell your skill or product or recipe, whatever it is. You find a platform suitable to sell your skills, you become part of a community and enlarge your community. This way you can sell your skills more and more. YouTube creator is an example of this type of business.

Second type of business is kind of an entrepreneur idea and is one of the best business ideas. Reason is because you are targeting millions. This type of business is the one where you create a platform for others to come and earn. You allow professionals to communicate with each other and sell and buy skills. We can take an online business example of Freelancer or Upwork.

Let’s start with a motivating entrepreneur quote,

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” –Bill Gates.

List of 6 low investment profitable business ideas- How to start a Business

Following is the list of 6 profitable business ideas and you can start your business now.

1.      Home Cleaning Service Providers

6 Low Investment Profitable Business ideas- New Business Ideas

Home cleaning service providers are very rare in United States and in other European countries as well. The two types of business discussed above, you can either create a platform, a website or an application, that allows other home cleaning companies to register and find customers. Customers can rate them and give reviews about their experience.

The other thing you can do is to start providing home cleaning service. Start providing services in your local area or town and expand it nationally. Normally, a home cleaning service provider charge $30-$50 USD per hour and it takes almost 3 hours to properly clean the whole house. Which means that if you clean only 1 house per day in the beginning, you can earn $100-150 a day.

You can easily earn $3000-$4500 per month and it’s the least as you are only cleaning one house per day. This business can make you earn more than $10000 per month if you only cover all homes of your area.

Moreover, it’s a business idea with low investment as you only need some cleansing material and a cheap office just to make your service recognizable.

2.      Homemade Food Providers –Best business idea


Homemade food supplier services is one of the best business ideas you can have in Europe as everyone need it desperately. It is also a business idea with low investment as you need to buy the ingredients that is required to make the specific recipe.

People today are so busy that they don’t have time to cook food at home or even go out and buy food. But still, they love and prefer to eat homemade food. You can generate a handsome revenue if you start supplying lunch to offices. You can work alone in the start and the whole revenue is yours. Once you cover 4 to 5 offices and many houses, you can have employees working under you as well. You can easily earn $1000 USD monthly if you are providing food daily to 60-70 persons depending on the Menu.

3.      Business Consultant

6 Low Investment Profitable Business ideas- New Business Ideas

A business consultant company or only one man can also work as a business consultant. In United States of America and in other European countries, the demand of Business consultants are consistently increasing.

Brands, companies, firms and organizations always look forward to pay massive amount to business consultants for their business growth. It is not necessary for you to study business or marketing strategies to become a business consultant. Your knowledge, analysis, statistics and experience can work well too.

Companies and organizations really want to know why customers buy or not buy their products. Why customers buy their specific product and no other products? Why people prefer to buy same product of their competitors instead of their? If you research these and got the reasons and all the answers of these questions, these organizations would love to pay you.

4.      Online Tutoring

6 Low Investment Profitable Business ideas- New Business Ideas

Online tutoring is becoming trend and more and more people are getting attracted to this business idea. It is one of the best entrepreneur ideas in modern world and is low investment business idea as well.

All you need is to master a skill. Skill can be related to any online platform like YouTube, any tool like Adobe, technical stuff, programming language or framework, life hacks or fixing at home, cooking, fitness and beauty tips etc. as well. There are many online platforms you can find related to your skills.

Or keeping in mind the first type, you can create your own platform where your different tutorials can be seen altogether. Tutorials if become popular and you start getting attention, you can earn for life.

There are multiple types of ways you can earn through your tutorials. Either you allow viewers to monthly subscribe to your tutorials or you allow them to buy complete tutorial package about a specific thing or you can link your website or videos with Google AdSense or any other affiliate to earn revenue per video.

5.      Van and the delivery business


If you are owner of a van and got some spare time. What are you waiting for? Why not start a delivery business? You don’t need any other investment, just the van and money to make your van roadworthy. But keep in mind that the competition is hard in this business so you have to work hard to earn a reputation. Make you services unique or better than others and once you got clients, you will get orders to delivers regularly.

6.      Warehouse

6 Low Investment Profitable Business ideas- New Business Ideas

This is one of the 6 best low investment business ideas that can help you gain huge profit. But it lies in low investment category only if you already own a warehouse or a large garage or place which is of no use for you. Because buying a warehouse and then renting it out will not be a good option. Spending same money in any other business is far better than buying warehouse. But if you already have a place, you can take monthly rent by giving your place for business or storing items as a stock.

We hope that you like our collection of 6 best low investment profitable business ideas. Comment your opinion below and tell us which idea you like the most. Moreover, if you have any new business idea with low investment, share it with the world. Also, see our mind blowing articles in the Earning section. Stay Tuned for more!!

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