Rich Dad Vs Poor Dad | Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Vs Poor Dad | Robert Kiyosaki

When we talk about Rich Dad vs poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki is the first that came to our mind. Why Robert Kiyosaki? Because the famous book about business named Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by Robert Kiyosaki. Today we are not going to discuss about the summary of the book. Our core purpose is to make you think the same way like Robert Kiyosaki wanted to do in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

“You learn more from your failure than your success.”

We see around that there are rich people as well as poor people. Normally, we don’t pay much attention or don’t think much about the reason behind this. Some of the rich people out there are those who weren’t rich right from the beginning. In contrast, some of the poor we see daily are those who were rich once.

Only few of us out there think this deep. How a poor person who was once rich became poor and How a rich person became poor? Is it all because of the luck or is it happened due to some mistakes? Well, Robert Kiyosaki saying is awesome that being rich and poor is totally in your hands and it all starts up in your head.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.”

Many people we meet in daily life are not happy with what they are doing. People uses lame excuses to deceive themselves by just saying that My dad was not rich so I couldn’t do anything. In fact, its no doubt a good luck to have a rich dad but its not the only way you can be rich. According to Robert Kiyosaki, poor will always be poor and it’s all start in their head.

This doesn’t mean that poor are always poor but most of the time it is true. Why he kept saying it starts up in their mind? Because poor always deceive themselves by words, Words like “I am poor”, “my dad was poor” or “I can’t do this because I am poor” and the most satisfying for them is “I can’t afford it”. Robert Kiyosaki says that these words eventually becomes the flesh and they don’t do anything to be rich.

“Sometimes later becomes never.”

On the other hand, what does a rich dad do in a situation like that? Well, when a rich dad is in similar kind of situation, it doesn’t matter whether he can or cannot afford it. His mind doesn’t try to escape from the solution by simply saying “I can’t afford that”. A question arises in his mind that “How can I afford that?”. That’s the difference between the rich dad and poor dad. A question opens a gate for many solutions whereas an escape closes all the gates.

“My poor dad says that I prefer being happy rather than rich whereas my rich dad will say why not be both?” – Robert Kiyosaki

There are many examples in the world that proves that poor can’t always be poor unless they start to think. They stop escaping from the situations and think how to solve the situations. That’s the first step towards a rich future. You can see the internet full of examples of almost every field person like sportsman, tech person, doctor, businessman and politicians etc. They were once the poorest persons but now they are living a life that many of us dream of.

How did they achieve this success? Why an ordinary person can’t achieve this kind of success? It’s all because they set a goal and did hard work rather than giving themselves false explanations.

“Winners are not afraid of losing.”

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad that the moment you got paid, you think like an employee and it’s a trap. Businessman and entrepreneurs hire employees that’s why they are rich. When you are in tension due to the hectic routine and your poor life. You find a job and work for whole month. As soon as you got paid, you think like an employee and that this was your destination. You think like Now I am on the right track and this is how I will achieve my goals. Well, actually its totally opposite, and it’s the first step towards poor life. Poor life doesn’t mean that you have no car, home or something to eat. It means that you are not happy and you are always thinking that something was missing.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

The reason why Robert Kiyosaki said that poor will always remain poor is because your mind is set. You give man a fish and he will wait for fish the next day. You teach him how to catch a fish, he become the one who give fishes.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, you will make a poor person poorer by helping him. This is because he won’t have to think how to fight for his hunger. Moreover, in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki said that for being rich you need to have knowledge. Knowledge about business like tax system, lawyers, managers and banking etc. He said that the rich persons in the world uses the combinations of business and real-estate. In this way, they don’t have to pay taxes and poor people can’t understand all this. Poor never wants to get himself into all these banking and taxation and that’s why he is poor. The reason that 65% of the boxers are caught in bankruptcy after 5 years of their retirement. Because they come from poor families and they don’t know how to manage all this.

“Success is never final, failure is never fatal.”

Some of the poor use sentences like “the rich are greedy” just to give fake relief to themselves. They often say that money is not important to us. Robert says in Rich Dad Poor Dad that if money is not important to you. You are not important to money.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge but knowledge empowers imagination.” – Einstein

So, finally we will tell you about why this Rich Dad Vs Poor Dad. According to Robert, it’s passed down genetically in most cases but don’t worry as you can change yourself depending on the environment. One of the most important fact is our school systems. It’s totally anti-education as they never teach us about money. This is because they don’t want you to be rich. As long as there are poor, rich will become richer and richer.

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