Samsung Galaxy S11 will have 120Hz refresh rate

Samsung Galaxy S11 will have 120Hz refresh rate

This month we are getting amazing news about Samsung Galaxy S11 and today it’s about the 120Hz refresh rate that S11 will have. Earlier, we discussed that Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S11 is coming with new processor Exynos 990.

Samsung S11 will have Exynos 990 chipset all around the world except the US and Chinese model as they will have Snapdragon 865. This new Exynos 990 chipset can support up to 120Hz display. If Samsung somehow manages to make it real and launch their flagship handset having 120Hz display, surely it would be great.

120Hz display in Samsung Galaxy S11

We assure you that if not 120Hz, Samsung will surely come up with at least 90Hz display. The reason behind this is that Samsung has to take into consideration of their counterpart Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. But keep in mind one thing that once you have used or seen the display of 120Hz or even 90Hz, it will be so difficult for you to move back and use 60Hz display because it will feel so choppy. Moreover, we are sure that unlike other few smartphones with 90Hz display, Samsung will not enable the 90Hz or 120Hz display based on the screen brightness but on the necessity.

LPDDR5 RAM support

It is highly expected that Samsung Galaxy S11 will be the first smartphone to have LPDDR5 RAM. Yes, LPDDR5 RA is the mainstream right now and Samsung new flagship will come with it. LPDDR4 RAM was previously used in flagship devices like iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 etc. LPDDR5 RAM is 30% faster as compared to the older LPDDR4.

One of the best advantages of this high performance new LPDDR5 RAM is that it will enable ultra-high definition video recording. This RAM will help improve the AI-Powered machine learning feature which will surely improve the battery life of your device. 30% less power will be consumed by this battery as compared to the LPDDR4 Ram. Not only the performance will increase but also this RAM will outperform previous one in terms of Memory. Galaxy S11 will come with 12GB RAM.

Galaxy S11 108MP Camera

We have already discussed about the 108MP camera in our previous article which was related to Exynos 990. But till now, the 108MP camera in Samsung upcoming flagship device are just rumors. We advise you not to believe these rumors for now as Samsung normally doesn’t put higher megapixels cameras in their flagships. Their mid-range smartphones usually come up with such high megapixel cameras.

NPU (Neural Processing Unit)

The good news is that not only the Processor, GPU and the RAM will be of advanced version but also the NPU is upgraded. According to Samsung, the dual-core neural processing unit can perform over 10 trillion operations in just one second which is twice as much as the Apple’s A13 neural bionic engine does. This means that we can expect a really powerful artificial intelligence on the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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