Samsung Galaxy S11 – All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S11 – All you need to know

Well we all know that Samsung Galaxy S11 is the top-notch smartphone topic right now and we are here with all you need to know about it.

Well, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 as we all know was a huge success for Samsung. It was mainly the design that caught the attention of many smartphone lovers. Coming back to ,our main concern which is Samsung Galaxy S11, it is going to be a very important device for Samsung.

Rumors are there from an unofficial source that Samsung is planning to merge its two flagship series Galaxy and Note. They are planning to come up with a single flagship device and the name has not been yet decided. You might be thinking that why have we used the name as Samsung Galaxy S11. Well, that’s just because whether its name is Galaxy or Note, it’s going to be a flagship device that’s for sure.

Samsung Galaxy S11 expected specifications

The expected specifications that Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to have is as follows. Well, it’s obvious that Samsung is surely going to use latest technology like camera, processor and RAM etc.


Samsung always uses the latest processor chip in their flagship smartphones. The latest Snapdragon we are going to have is Snapdragon 865. If not Snapdragon, then Samsung will have the Exynos 9830 which they also called Exynos 990.


Talking about the RAM, Samsung will come up with either 8GB or 12GB variant. To be honest, it all depends on how much they are focusing on 5G because Note 10 and Galaxy S10 were launched with both 5G and 4G. It is expected that this time, Samsung new flagship device might only come with the 5G. If this is true, Samsung will surely come with 12GB RAM. Also, the LPDDR5 RAM is 30% faster than the previous LPDDR4 RAM.

120Hz Display

Samsung’s S10 and Note 10 didn’t come up with the 120Hz display. Samsung never stays on the back seat for so long and OnePlus 7T was launched with 90Hz display. Samsung is now expected to launch their new flagship device with 120Hz display. If they really do, believe us it will be an amazing experience to use a screen with this refresh rate.

Single Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 came up with dual front facing cameras but this time it’s not happening. Galaxy S11 will have single front facing camera and the punch-hole display will be in the exact same location like S10 or Note 10. This time the size of punch hole will be smaller. We have already talked quite a lot about the 108MP back camera in detail and you can read it.

The telephoto feature just like the Huawei P30 pro will be the new amazing one. Samsung is planning to have 5x zoom and the size of it will be much smaller than what we had in Huawei P30 Pro. Moreover, this flagship device from Samsung will most probably have 4 cameras in total on the back.

Motion detection sensor

This is a new feature Samsung is going to add to its upcoming flagship device. The same motion detection sensor was part of the Google Pixel 4. This motion detection sensor will detect whenever a user is coming closer to the phone to pick it up. It will then activate some important sensors most likely 3D facial scanner. You see Samsung never stays behind any of their competitors.

3D facial scanner

Samsung is expected to launch the flagship device with a proper 3D facial scanner. Till now, Samsung used just their camera to unlock the face ID.

Some other important features and updates in Samsung Galaxy S11

We have discussed previously about the NPU (neural processing Unit) in detail and you can read our post by clicking here. The design will be upgraded having a comparatively smaller punch-hole in the screen. Mali G77 GPU which is going to boost the performance by 20% will be used. The 3 models are expected to come of Samsung Galaxy S11.

This was all you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S11, the upcoming flagship device of Samsung. We hope you like our content. If you have any query or any new update about the Samsung’s new beast, comment us below. Sharing your thoughts are highly appreciated. Also, see our tech section for latest news about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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