Samsung Galaxy S11 will have M10 OLED Display

Samsung Galaxy S11 will have M10 OLED Display

Samsung is doing it again like it always does and they are going to introduce M10 OLED display and they have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have it.

On August 28, 2019, Ice Universe has confirmed that just like previous flagship smartphones, Samsung is again going to outclass other brands in terms of display. We all know that earlier this year, Samsung came out with Galaxy Note 10 plus with the best display in the world no doubt.

Samsung uses OLED display in their flagship phones and always look forward to make it better.

Latest OLED display by Samsung

Most advanced OLED display till now is M9 and is used in Samsung Galaxy s10 and Galaxy Note 10 series. The same M9 OLED display will be used in upcoming iPhone 11 series.

Now, Samsung is working on the next generation OLED display called the “M10” and stated earlier that they will use it in their next flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S11. This means that again Samsung will lead the smartphones specifically in terms of OLED display.

This superior and next generation OLED material M10 is not much of a surprise for the smartphone world as Samsung always uses a better OLED material than the previous model. The thing which will surprise the world is the higher screen refresh rate.

Samsung should not only focus on bettering the OLED material and display but also on the higher refresh rate. They should try 90Hz or 120Hz as we know that smartphone with such refresh rate feels so smooth and fast. Also, we have seen that the OnePlus phones had 90Hz refresh rate and it didn’t consume battery so fast.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date

There is a higher chance that Samsung is going to give its flagship Galaxy S10 full 12 month time. Samsung Galaxy S11 is not going to release before Q2 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera

All eyes are on Samsung Galaxy S11 camera after the tweet form the ice universe. They said that the S11 camera will bring something that the world has never seen or experience before. This tweet has made everyone curious because we all know that the S10 and Note 10 camera is already so good. It still hidden and no one knows what will be the specialty of S11 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will have 5G

Samsung Galaxy S11 series will come in 3 models. All these 3 models are going to be 5G. Yes, the SM-G981, SM-G986 and SM-G988 all will be 5G enabled. There will not be a separate LTE variant.

Another amazing advancement is the Ear buds Samsung is going to release along with S11. S11 ear buds are rated by an unofficial company who rates gadgets. They have rated S11 Bluetooth ear buds the highest. Not only these ear buds will be better than iPhone ear pods but also the best Bluetooth ear buds in the world.


Samsung S11 will surely bring something special to the market. No doubt they will bring the next generation OLED display but it is now common for Samsung. The eyes of the world are totally on the camera which Samsung has said will be something which you have never seen before. All we have to do is wait. Comment us below if you have any latest news about Samsung Galaxy S11 and share your Galaxy flagship experience.

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