Samsung Galaxy S11 will have Exynos 990

Samsung Galaxy S11 will have Exynos 990

Samsung Galaxy S11 is getting more and more attention daily and Samsung have announced that the processor in Galaxy S11 will be Exynos 990. We will talk about how powerful this chipset is and what new features it will support and how it will enhance the performance of the Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy S11.

Samsung officially announced that their new flagship device will have this powerful processor called Exynos 990 along with a 5G modem called Exynos Modem 5123. Most probably, the same chipset will be used in Galaxy Note 11 as well.

Mali G77 GPU upgraded

Galaxy S11 will also have a brand new Mali G77 GPU and the architecture of this GPU is changed and the graphic performance is boosted by 20%. Not only the graphic performance is improved but the combination of new processor and GPU has also improved the overall performance of the upcoming smartphone by 20%.

120Hz Display in Samsung Galaxy S11

The biggest surprise Samsung Galaxy S11 expected to bring is the 120Hz refresh rate display. Yes, there are chances that the next generation Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with the dynamic OLED display. You can’t imagine how smooth the experience will be if Samsung launches their new handset with 120Hz display. OnePlus 7 was recently released and it had 90Hz display which outperformed the 60Hz display we normally have. If not more, we are sure that Samsung will come with the 90Hz display at least. Also, we have talked in previous article about the new M10 OLED display in Samsung’s new S11 and you should read that as well.

108MP camera in Galaxy S11

The Camera in Samsung S11 is also expected to be one of the top-notch feature. Galaxy S11 might have 108MP camera. The same 108MP camera is used in Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, click to find out more details. This 108MP camera is the combined achievement of both Samsung and Xiaomi and Xiaomi has successfully launched it in Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Surely, this huge and powerful camera will work perfectly only with powerful chipsets like the Exynos 990. You can shoot an 8K video up to 30fps and a 4K video at 120fps.

Samsung Galaxy S11 3 Models

Samsung also has started the firmware development and will come in 3 models. The SM-G986B, SM-G988B and SM-G981B. We are waiting for this new blazing fast flagship device S11 and we are curious about what new Snapdragon 865 will bring.

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