Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be expensive

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be expensive

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is going to be the second foldable smartphone by Samsung and it will be expensive. The first foldable smartphone from Samsung was launched last year named Samsung Galaxy fold at the Samsung Galaxy S10 unpacked event.

Rumors were fake about Cheap Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is going to be launched this year at the unpacked event. There were multiple rumors circling around on the internet about the price of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip. According to some sources and specifically the Korean media, the handset was going to have a retail price of around $850 USD.

Comparing with the first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold from Samsung which cost around $2000, this $850 price tag of Galaxy Z Flip was quite low and unbelievable. The reason behind this low price tag was the Samsung announcement. They said that their target is to sell 6 million units of this second foldable handset which was quite possible if the retail price was really $850 USD.

Max Weinbach who is responsible for all the Samsung Galaxy S20 leaks stated that the handset will have a price tag of $1400 USD. This confirms that the rumors were completely wrong and the price tag is going to be almost double.

I was personally looking forward to this phone before I get to know about the $1400U USD expected price. But still, comparing it with the Foldable smartphone from Motorola which had the specs equal to a mid-range smartphone. The price of Motorola Razr was around $1500 USD and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip beats its specs by quite a huge margin.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications

The expected specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip according to max are as follows:

  1. Snapdragon 855+ chipset which is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 855.
  2. Fingerprint sensor will be on the side and not at the back or inside the screen.
  3. Dual Camera setup at the back.
  4. The phone will support 15W fast charging.
  5. Wireless charging and reverse charging will be supported as well.

Ultra-Thin Glass

The good thing about this new foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip is that it features an ultra-thin glass. All the current foldable devices in the market have a plastic display and not the glass layer at the top for an extra protection.

Galaxy Z Flip is going to be the first foldable smartphone with ultra-thin glass. But according to Max, there are chances of a crease in the middle where the phone folds or the screen bends. Motorola did a great job in this area by creating a space beneath the screen to bend it without creating the crease. Let’s see if Samsung will come with a better mechanism or not.

Right now, the biggest challenge faced by the makers of the foldable smartphones is the display. For now, the display is fragile as compared to the regular screen smartphones. Surely, when you are paying $1400 USD, you will demand satisfaction that the screen stay protected from minor scratches.

Thoughts on Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the second foldable smartphone from Samsung. The company will launch its new device in upcoming unpacked event. There is still a lot of room for improvement in foldable devices. Let’s see how Samsung deals with the biggest challenge that is the display because the screen has to bend. The expected specifications are Snapdragon 855+ chipset, fingerprint sensors on the side, dual-camera setup at the back, wireless charging, reverse charging and 15W fast charging. The price of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is expected to be $1400 which makes it an expensive device. However, comparing with the Motorola Razr foldable phone, it is looking much better choice as far as the specs are concern.

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