Graphene Battery By Samsung – Future Smartphone’s battery

Graphene Battery By Samsung – Future Smartphone’s battery

Technology as we know gets updated every week, month or year but suddenly out of nowhere a revolutionary change is made and just like that Graphene battery by Samsung got the eyes of the smartphone world as everyone is now expecting it to be the future of smartphone’s battery.

So, what Samsung has achieved is the beginning of a new era and smartphone world will reach new peaks now.

Samsung Graphene Battery is the future

Graphene Battery By Samsung – Future Smartphone’s battery

Samsung is we all know continues to bring something new to the technology world. The infinity-o display in Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 is really an achievement. As we know that the screen sizes are now bigger than ever not because of the overall mobile size has increased but due to the higher screen to body ratio.

Samsung flagship phones are not only big now but also the resolutions and pixel density is increased. Keeping the smartphone slim and smart, the battery sizes of all smartphones from bigger brands like Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi and Nokia etc. were between 3000-4400mAh.

All smartphone brands are continuously trying to improve the charging speed as well as the battery life. It seems now that Samsung has got the lead again this time and they are planning to introduce Graphene battery very soon in their smartphones.

Graphene Battery VS the old Lithium ion battery

Graphene Battery By Samsung – Future Smartphone’s battery

The battery used in Samsung and many other smartphones is known as the Lithium ion or Li-ion battery. Graphene battery is an advancement in the battery technology and according to the research its performance will put Li-ion battery on the back seat by huge margin.

According to Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Graphene battery is expected to give 45% more battery life as compared to the Lithium ion or Li-ion battery. Moreover, the charging speed of the Graphene battery will be 5 times faster than the fast chargers (3amp).

Another very big advantage of the graphene battery is that it is non-explosive. Yes, we all know that Lithium ion or Li-ion batteries in our smartphones right now are like a bomb. Not a bigger one but the one that can be dangerous or you at least and we can see thousands of videos on the internet of Li-ion batteries exploding. What happened with that Galaxy Note 7 is still unforgettable.

Let’s find out below how Samsung get to this achievement and when they are going to release that long battery life smartphone with Graphene battery.

How Samsung successfully created Graphene battery?


Thanks to Samsung and their advance research that we are about to enter the new world of smartphone. Charge in few minutes and use for days. Graphene battery was the concern of Samsung for long and they have researched and invested millions of dollars for this master piece.

“It is a new silicon cathode material “coded with high-crystalline graphene”. As deployed in its lithium-ion batteries the new cathodes produce cells “with twice as much capacity as ordinary lithium-ion batteries”.

2 years ago, Samsung said that they have developed a new battery and named it Graphene ball and that it can give up to 45% more battery life along with the 5 times faster charging speed. Wonderful isn’t it? Smartphone brands trying to either increase the battery size of Li-ion battery or increase the charging speed. Samsung has done both in one shot. Since then, everyone was amazed and waiting that when Samsung will launch a smartphone with Graphene battery.

The good news is that they have recently revealed that by 2021, you will have Graphene battery phone available in the market. Why we are calling Graphene battery a revolutionary battery technology because it is considered as the most meaningful innovation of recent times.

Let us take the example of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ that currently comes with 4300mAh battery. If the same battery is made by the Graphene ball technology, it could pack6235mAh without occupying any extra space. Furthermore, talking about the battery of the same Galaxy Note 10+, that takes 1 hour 5 minutes to get fully charged, if it has Graphene battery, it will charge in 13-15 minutes. Yes, it’s unbelievable and that’s why we are calling it revolutionary.

Final Thoughts on Samsung graphene ball technology:

Just like many times before, Samsung has done something really big. Graphene battery by Samsung will surely be the future of smartphone. The development of Graphene Ball is revolutionary. 45% battery increase and 5 times faster charging if becomes possible, it will be the beginning of new era as new research on making graphene batteries even effective will continue.

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