No more custom Exynos cores for Samsung

No more custom Exynos cores for Samsung

Well, no more custom Exynos cores for Samsung, so stay connected to find out why. Samsung has fired the entire team of 290 engineers working on the Exynos chip. Exynos 990 was the Samsung upcoming flagship device S11 processor.

Till now, Samsung was spending millions of dollars on the Exynos chipset by the ARM but now they will use it as it is. Let us explain it in simpler terms so that all of you can understand easily.

Many known companies like Qualcomm, Huawei, MediaTek, Apple and Samsung make their own processor chip. The chip they make is based on the ARM architecture. ARM doesn’t manufacture the chips themselves. They just design an architecture or you can simply say template for the chipset.

Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Qualcomm etc. uses their architecture and sometimes modify it or sometimes not to make their own architecture.

Huawei use ARM architecture to make their Kirin processor while Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm make their own A-series bionic, Exynos and Snapdragon chips respectively.

Reason why Samsung is moving away from Exynos Custom Cores

Samsung fried 290 engineers which means that they no longer wants to modify the ARM architecture and use it as it is just like Huawei. The reason we think Samsung has taken this step is because of the millions or even billions of dollars on the research spent wasn’t making much difference in the performance. The difference between the performance of customized template and the stalk template was minimal and therefore Samsung thought why waste billions of dollars. This is one of the main reason they are moving away from designing custom cores for Exynos chip.

Another reason that we found was the better performance of the Snapdragon and the Apple chipset. Samsung custom Exynos chip we saw on Galaxy Note 10 was lagging in performance and in graphics as well as compared to these other 2. Therefore, Samsung fired the whole team of engineers because they think they are all responsible for this beat down. Let’s use the stalk template of ARM and modify just a little and compete again with the Qualcomm and Apple’s chipset.

Samsung has unveiled the 2021 GPU update and they might beat Qualcomm and Apple in GPU game.

This was all about no more custom Exynos cores for Samsung. We hope you like our content as we tried to keep it simple. Comment us below and share your thoughts with the world. Check out our tech section to know about the latest news related to upcoming smartphones and other unique gadgets.

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